Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Spirit

What is a "Contact Sheet" ?

Loosely defined, A contact sheet is a hard copy analogue photo print having the positive image from a few strips of negative film [color or black & white]. All the strips coming from the same roll of film.

 This contact sheet is an [8 x 10] print [as per contest requirements] which I entered in an Absolute Vodka Photo Competition [Asia] years ago.  Now, how did i compose this mosaic of sorts or photo puzzle, -- for lack of better descriptions ?  Well, I sketched a "compre" first and figured out how the layout of the individual frames, based on the shot sequence and arrangement of the six strips of negatives [each strip had 6 frames each] would eventually combine to complete an image of a bottle.  Having done that, laid out my colored crepe paper sheets accordingly, set up the Absolute Vodka bottle, waited for the right amount of sunlight -- then, with my sketch beside me, stood firmly on one spot, and patiently took one shot at a time then glancing at my sketch before taking the next one -- until I had taken all 36 frames.  I used Fuji 35mm ASA 100 Color Negative film.  Then had the film processed, specifically asked the film roll to be cut in 6 strips [w/ 6 frames per strip]- and requested that the strips be laid out according to my sketch - hence the resulting Contact Sheet.

Never expected my mosaic/puzzle to be seamless because I did not have the appropriate lens,  and even if I did -- it would still have been EVEN MORE tedious.  I felt that even an approximation of a complete bottle would be enough for my creativity and originality to show.  Then after achieving that image, challenged my creativity again and tried a few more photo interpretations of the bottle.  [I actually had about 5-10 bottles].

I went as far as photographing AV bottles silhouetted against open flame, air-brushing an AV bottle with military camouflage color patterns, gluing a small scale model [authentic, off course] of the Space Shuttle.  Had a shot of an AV bottle where the background is my air-brush shooting some flames towards the bottle [like a minature military flamethrower !!].  Was so into it, I simply tried every idea I thought off.

The prize money was big.  Yet, it was also the challenge of creating a Good Advertising Image of the AV bottle that drew me.  All that Effort, Time, Money and a whole lot of prayers that at least I could get an Honorable Mention, a 3rd Place or even a 1st place , Why not ? Baka makatsamba. 

That hoped for phone call or notification Never came.  So, said to me self - 
At least you tried to outdo yourself, accepted the creative challenge and just did your best  - No regrets -  now -  That's the Spirit.

About a year or so after that contest, I bumped into an acquiantance of mine, who used to work with the marketing arm of Absolute Vodka.  She claimed to have been present at the last few deliberations among the judges leading up to the final selection of the winners.  She stated that from about a total of 5,000 entries, my Absolute Vodka Mosaic made it to the Top 25, then was eliminated.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Late Monday Afternoon

After 8 jeepney rides, 1 LRT trip, and 4 bus rides - it was nice to get back home by 4:30, having been able to finish all my errands. By 5:30 or so, having unwound already, I made an unannounced visit to a neighbor [and good pal], who, by the way, recently became a father only last May 14, and requested to get a few more portraits of his little baby.  The sunlight was fast fading but it was enough.  The breeze was soothing and the little one just happened to be awake.  Time to bring out the 105mm howitzer -er - I mean --> lens, I thought.  And after about 10-20 clicks,  got exactly what I requested for - 
a few more portraits.

Andrew F. Garcia

brosi gonzales

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Sundae Best

In recent months, more often than not, Saturdays and Sundays would find me in a stadium, arena, or football field ->shooting sports. The next 24-48 hours would then keep me busy editing photos from the just concluded weekend. - after which I'd come up with a very select few [really good photos] to add to my growing portfolio. These "Best Of" photos could be very few in some cases [not good] or they could be a lot [better].  Bottom line is -  I have to have produced some GOOD photos, at the very least, every weekend.

Today was a lazy Sunday [need that occasionally] - no shoots.  Brought my parents for a couple of chocolate sundaes at Jollibee.  Usually, it's a simple snack [sometimes at Chowking or Shakey's],  brief, and uneventful.  [My dad's 85 and my mom's turning 89 next month - They celebrated their 62nd Wedding Anniversary last May - Everything's pretty much in slow mo!]  Brought their yaya to assist them when they walk [ever so slowly].  And as always, took my SLR w/ me, expecting the usual "generic" snapshots amidst the Jollibee crowd. 

Thing is, while waiting for our sundaes, I noticed a just vacated corner table beside the window.  There was a dark blue wall which I thought would be a better background than customers walking to and fro. There was a wide window pane with the 2:30 afternoon sunlight coming in.  A Jollibee waiter then graciously pulled down a transluscent shade that diffused the direct sunlight.  Then Viola!!  ---[Being very observant when it comes nuances of available light]  I knew that I had, unexpectedly,  an "improvised" studio light w/ a softbox, in the form of sunlight diffused by a window shade. Right of, I knew I could go beyond my "generic Jollibee snapshot". Before the sun had a chance to change her mind, I composed an image in my mind, then proceeded to take a couple of tight shots, using my 105mm lens, all the while talking to mom, and trying to illicit a few smiles - then, I was done.  I just knew I had one of the best portraits of my mom in years. 

They were oh so SIMPLE, yet there was something I could feel even just by looking at my SLR LCD dispaly.  There was a sadness in her smile, a humility, a vulnerability or maybe something else -- that really hit home.  It was just a nice feeling to have captured it.  It's not the "jumping-with-joy" type of happiness,  It's a different kind. but equally, or even more gratifying.  

[Why spend so much for a studio shoot when one can achieve even better results on location and  "on-the-spot"??]  No denying I absolutely love sports photography but I also Absolutely Love Available Light Portraiture.

That little corner at Jollibee.

Portrait of My Mother.

I Love You Mom.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

From LCD to Football Field

Sometime late last March, I, alongside several members of the media and Azkal manager Dan Palami, Coach Michael Weiss and PFF President Nonong Araneta - were  gathered around a laptop [that was around sometime 4:30 p.m.- of the opening day of the Suzuki U-23 Nationals at U.P., Los Banos]   awaiting the results of the official draw which would determine the next opponent of the Azkals in the World Cup Qualifying Rounds.  With bated breath, we waited and anticipated, in real time, for the results.  Soon enough, the Sri Lankan flag appeared beside the Filipino flag. [third from bottom]  So the writers all started composing their articles, after which . . .


. . .a few Q & As between Mr. Palami, Coach Weiss, Mr. Araneta and the media followed.  As for me, I took a few more photos,  unwound , then took the trip home with some media colleagues.

Front - Left to Right:
A rep from Suzuki [Suzuki shirt], Eilleen Esteban,Suzuki PR Officer [fuschia cap & bag],
Mia Domingo [printed blouse], Celeste Flores [blue blouse], TJ "Balita"[yellow shirt], 
KC CRuz [white printed shirt]

Rear - Left to Right:
AJ Bolando [black shirt], Team Manager D. Palami, Coach M. Weiss,  PFF Head N. Araneta,
Sid Ventura  [w/ glasses], Diego de la Paz [blue shirt],  Mark Escarlote [light blue shirt]

In about a few days from now, the Azkals will be slugging it out in the "away" game at Sri Lanka, and next weekend, July 3, will battle the same Sri Lankan team in the "home" game at the Rizal Memorial.  There isn't much for me to say at this point. I'm just as excited as everyone else.  Just have to be ready.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wet, Wet, Wet

In keeping with the inclement weather, I decided to post some  'Rainy Day Soccer Shots" from my Sports Archive.  These are a few of my favorites.

At Colegio de San Agustin   [Southridge vs San Agustin]

At the Ateneo [Mama Africa vs La Salle]

At U.P., Los Banos [Iloilo vs Laguna]       [above & below]

At De La Salle Zobel  [Southridge vs La Salle]

Rain dramatically alters the dynamics of any soccer match.  The heavier the downpour, the more mud and puddles you have.  For the athletes,  control of the ball becomes almost impossible and the risk of injury increases tenfold.  For me, it is more of a challenge than a problem.  Images tend to soften. On the other hand there are more graphic elements to play with.   It is also a chance for me to use my pro "rainsleeve'"which keeps my camera dry.  I can stay out in the open and shoot as if it were a sunny day.  

As long as my equipment is in good shape,  [I couldn't care less about getting soaked]    --->I can concentrate on my art.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

White On White

One of my favorite colors --- White
My ONLY favorite lighting technique -- Using Available light ---> God's Light 
  [also the title of my FIRST blog entry]

Combining my favorite things together - I Like.   This portrait is a result of such a combination.

Used color negative film here, had a print done, had that print scanned 
- ergo - this JPEG.

brosi gonzales

Unrequited Love ??

UAAP Fighting Maroon Mike Silungan LOVES basketball.  That's a no-brainer.  He's one of UP's best too.  Last year, his team did not win a single game.  "Heartbroken" cannot even begin describe what the Maroons felt after every single game.  I watched all their matches.

The first time I noticed Silungan's tattoo I immediately tried to capture it in a photo.  A close up pic would have been more interesting, but this one was OK for me, the pic showing Silungan and Woody Co, with head bowed, after another defeat.

Only when I had viewed it on my desktop had I been able to read the text in the tattoo,  "For The Love Of The Game" - It read.  If the "Game" was his girlfriend, then he would be the most Loving, Loyal, Faithful, Romantic partner one could ask for - even proclaiming his devotion in the form of a tattoo.

To say Mike Silungan loved basketball, but basketball did not love him back 
[as in unrequited love] would be silly, uncalled for, and even cruel. There's no such thing as a "game loving or not loving a person".  The Fighting Maroons just need to keep the faith, recruit a couple of more guys of Silungan's calibre, make the necessary adjustments, up the ante -- and it'll be just a matter of time before they rid themselves of the ghosts of Season 73. 

And that time is fast approaching. 
UAAP Season '74 Kicks of on July 10.

[and take note, in the pic, Silungan's head is unbowed]

brosi gonzales

Seeing Green and Feeling the Pain

Father and Daughter

That is the title of this entry [one of several] [on-line category] to the last UAAP Photo Contest, concluded last March.  What eventually happened was a case where an athlete's misfortune turned into cash, for me, a photographer.  The said entry won Third Place.

The JPEG shows Raoul Recto carrying his daughter, Robbie, away from the diamond after she took a bad fall during the UE-La Salle UAAP softball match at U.P. Diliman, early 2011. This supportive young dad watches all of Robbie's games.  [I'm glad to have met him along the way].  Those were painfully excrutiating moments for Robbie, and anxious ones for Raoul.  Father and team mates promptly attended to the injury while I tried to get photos of Robbie, in pain - even took a few of her injured ankle.  But before that, I ASKED Raoul FIRST, if it was OK to do so. He said yes.  A week or so later, I E-mailed Raoul ALL the pics I took of that incident.  [Fortunately, Robbie's injury was managed].

It is never my intention to take undue advantage of other people's misfortunes per se.  Yes, the unexpected happens in sports.  I photojournalise it - before, during, and after matches, on and of the courts, fields, and dug outs - whenever, wherever.  I'm certainly NOT perfect, and have made bad judgements - but I always try to exercise tact and discretion, among other things, when I shoot.

A friend of mine quipped, the DAY AFTER I encashed the check I won.  "Pre, Sana binigyan mo ng BALATO si Mr. Recto o si Robbie, maski papaano.  Ano ba'ng ginawa mo sa prize money ??" 
I answered "Galing sa bangko, dumiretso ako sa Park Square at bumili ako ng isang Nike Dri-Fit,
isang Adidas Clima-Cool, yoong  "Call of Duty - Black Ops", kasi nawala ko ang kopya ko, at yoong "Mortal Combat" para sa PS ko.  Tamamg-tama, kakarelease lang kahapon."

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seeing Red and Feelin' the HEAT !!!

 The 2 Richies [from the Amazing Race], Rikki Flo [pretty emcee], and Rick O [my boss] during a Jr. NBA Event at the MOA.  Good Times !!

Like Kobe and Derrick, don't like LeBron or Duane, never liked Chris or Udonis.  But when I took this photo, I was blinded by this Bright Ray of Light, and then  -ZZHHIING !!   In the blink of an eye -- I became a Miami Fan !!.    Man, did I feel the HEAT !!!   Whew !!!   South is GOOD  !!!

Damn It !!!  Where is that Nikon X-Ray Lens when  you need it ??

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Nicoles

There are two Nicoles I have photographs of :
Nicole A.  and   Nicole M.

Here are some trivial comparisons between the two --

Nicole A.                                          Nicole M.
Asian                                                Caucasian
Loves Basketball                                Loves Milk
First Saw Her in a Stadium                   First Saw Her in a Sari-Sari Store
Resides In MManila                             Resides Outside MManila
In School                                           Out of School
Goes Out a Lot                                   Stays home A Lot
I Know a Friend of Hers                       I Know Her Dad
Have Seen Her Shed A Tear or Two        Haven't Seen Her Cry
  [after a big game loss]
She's a Hottie                                    She's a Doll

                                                Nicole A.

                                                Nicole M.

brosi gonzales

The One

This is a JPEG file from a scanned album size hard copy print.

Lighting                 Available Sunlight
Camera                 Nikkormat
Lens                       Nikkor 135mm 3.5 Medium Telephoto Lens
Film                        35mm Kodak Black & White Tri-X Film, ASA 400
Film Processing   Extended Developing Time - pushed to 1 f-stop
Printing                 Straight Printing on Agfa Photo Paper

Post Printing Treatment
VERY FINE Application w/ a Cotton Swab of a
Hard-To-Find, Extremely Toxic, Not-Available-Over-The-Counter
[I think one needs papers to buy it, banned yata ito] 
POWDER, dissolved in water.  [FYI, color of the POWDER is FUSCHIA]
The end result was a Liquid Chemical still so toxic it corroded the tin tray I poured it on.

Trial & Error & Patience -- I used up around 10 prints 
before I got it just right.

Need I Say More ??

Her name is Cristina.
She WAS The Love of My Life.

brosi gonzales

Panoramic Soccer

Photo shows the defending UAAP Champion Blue Eaglets [at that time] [the FEU Baby Tams are the New Champs] battling the Southridge School Admirals in a RIFA match at Ateneo, held last Aug.,2010.

Mikko Mabanag [a client of mine] is seen here executing a cross.  Along w/ Emilio Pelaez, Eric Figueroa, Carlos Monfort [his mom's my client], & Gino Clarino - formed the Core of that 2-peat Champion Squad which FEU dethroned last February, 2011. [Sweet Revenge] [In both Championship Triumphs by Ateneo the Baby Tams were Runners-Up]

Defending in this sequence are - Nace Gonzales [my nephew], Ryan Fermin, Jobo Bonoan, Tony Sunico, Gian Carlo Inacay, Julian Ferrer, & Ralph Suarez.  [There are 2 other players in the pic which I can't ID]

If my shot caught the ball in the upper middle portion of the frame [against a dark background] 'twould have been a better photo 10X over. My digital camera at that time - Single Frame Mode lang ang puwede, My lens - Manual Focus lang.   Decent shot, If I may say so.

Fortunately, I was able to get a new camera by November of 2010.

brosi  gonzales

Friday, June 17, 2011

U.P. Los Banos in 5

All in all, I've gone to U.P. Los Banos five times.
First -  to take the UP College Entrance Exam [missed out on all the MManila exam dates that year - am proud to say I passed w/ flying colors]
Second - to photograph Cookie Chua w/ Color It Red and Basti  w/ Wolfgang
Third - to photograph my nephew, Nace, play a soccer match at the Makiling Boot Camp [run  by the UP Fighting Maroons]
Fourth - to shoot the Suzuki U-23 National Cup Opening Day Events
Fifth - to shoot 6 quarterfinal matches of the Suzuki U-23 National Cup

When I took the UP CET, It was uneventful, I simply came, took the test, and left for Manila.  On the next four trips, I visited to take photos [only, on the second trip, to watch the mini concert, I used an analogue camera loaded w/ 35mm Black & White film].

Let me share a favorite photo from each of those last 4 trips.

This is Cookie Chua and Color It Red.  If you refer to my Second Post,  "Black & White & Color Film Negatives", you'll have an idea of the darkroom technique I used to create this photograph  [Cookie Chua hopefully has taken care of her [8x10] copy all these years].

Nace Gonzales, nephew, is the one in white.  He is now a graduating student at Southridge High.  Hope he makes the cut at the UAAP next year.  Go Nac !!!

My hands down choice for favorite pic in that Suzuki Sporting Event is a lunch break snap of my media colleagues -->Mark Escarlote, Diego de la Paz, & TJ Jurado [2 more media colleagues of mine are in the background -->Mia Domingo  & AJ Bolando] .  We all know this as the Banana Photo. 
Good Times, Guys !

This shot of UST Tiger Batisla-Ong and UP Fighting Maroon [& defending champ] Nathan Octavio was taken during the First Quarterfinal Match of the Suzuki U-23 National Cup.  Batisla-Ong played for Iloilo while Octavio played for NCR.

Hopefully, I'll visit UP Los Banos sometime next year to shoot more soccer.
It's fun.

brosi gonzales

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Panalo --- Getting the Job Done

Like everyone else, I have bad days.  On one instance, I was taking portraits of a client and after an hour I still could not get a good photo [at least, by my standards].   Shooting a full half of football, basketball - and still unable to get a good photo - It has happened.

Wether in a casual, comfortable shooting environment, or a frenzied, stressful one - Until I am 100% sure that I have created the pictures I want - I am one dissatisfied person.

Course, there are the better days.

Last May, 2010, while still lacking in biking pics, I aimed for an on-the-spot portrait and/or action shot of biker, and Village mate, EJ Punsalang.  This guy's solid when it comes to biking.  He is investing a lot of his time and energy improving his biking skills, maintains his bikes, and joins competitions here and there.  I also wanted to be re-educated about biking and thought I could learn a lot from this guy.
So, I trotted to EJ's one afternoon - Checked the variables - possible locations in the house, the angle and quality of the sunlight in each spot, EJ's mood, the bike hardware, apparrel etc, etc.. Once decided - I did my portraiture.  On the garage/driveway, using open shade, I started with 10-20 head shots-- frontal, 45 degrees, w/& w/o head gear, shades etc. -- all the while getting a pulse on the situation and immediately realized that it simply wasn't working -- the shots were B-O-R-I-N-G.  Took a pause, took 5 - glanced at the sky again - then made adjustments.

I re-angled EJ, this time used a bike, composed an image in my mind, asked him to look away, then re-shot.  In just 2-5 clicks, I glanced at my LCD and knew I had done it - an honest-to-goodness fine portrait of a hard core biker [an action shot would have been preferable but that could follow next time].  I made a few more repetitions with slight variations, but I already thought -- ayoko na, ok na 'to 4 now -- mission accomplished.  Pack up na. Felt good.  The photo captured EJ as is. No More, No less - No fancy gimmicks, walang pacute, no TH 2B cool.  The texture of the bike surface, the sports apparrel, the subtle highlights, details -- Love it!! Tamang tama lang ang BALOT ng ilaw sa bike at kay EJ. Minsan HAPLOS lang ng sikat ng araw sapat na.

If musicians have an "ear", photographers have an "eye".  "Reading" sunlight, in all its forms, how it behaves, to what extent it can be manipulated - & more importantly how it "paints" the world around me, is Key.  Once I get a "grasp" of the available light at my disposal ---> Madali na dumiskarte.

After 15 minutes on-the-spot --  Not Bad,  huh?



Then, there was my Panaad experience [Azkals vs Mongolia] last February 9.

The challenge there was not so much the lighting, 'twas the distractions.

The scenario was such that during the match the photographers were confined to a small area behind the goal.  We were advised by the media officer that if one decided to leave the football pitch at halftime,one will NOT be allowed to return.  Therefore we had to E-mail our 1st Half pics from the pitch.  I had also been requested by my boss to E-mail him selected 1st Half action pics during the break.  I never got a signal during the break, I couldn't find my mobile to advise him, I couldn't find my lens hood -- and all throughout the 2nd half I would shoot, run to my laptop [which I had placed above my backpack, positioned a few meters behind the goal], check for a signal, then shoot again. On the back of my mind, I was even worrying - what if the ball hit my laptop?, open & unprotected.
[I've had the experience of having a soccer ball hit and damage my zoom lens beyond repair - from a kick by an 11-14 year old !!!  Trust me - that was BAD.]

'Twas just crazy out there -- Stressed out, pikon, taranta -- I thought -- what kind of pictures will I come up with?? 

Then, before I knew it, it was all over. Everything had just whizzed by so fast.  The Azkals had won [2-0] and during the ensuing frenzy, I just tried to get a few more celebratory pics.  Then, rushed to the media room to process my JPEGs.  In hindsight, I don't think I ever got a broadband signal the whole time.   I just handed over my card reader, w/ my CFs inserted, to my boss and made a few recommendations.

Unwinding at my hotel room a few hours later, I noticed that my boss had posted a JPEG of Caligdong, running, while waving the Phil flag after the victory.  I knew I had some great action shots somewhere in that CF and wondered why Rick decided not to use any. The Caligdong photo wasn't even
a real standout.  I felt uneasy. Nanghihinayang ako.

Missed the after-game party, was exhausted.  I had done my best and just wanted to go home next morning -- Panaad was over -- there were more sports events to shoot in Manila.

Come Friday, lunch hour, Rick texted me to call him.  Must be important,          [I thought] because he usually E-mails me.  I failed to get through so he texted me again, asking me to buy that day's [Feb.11]  Business Mirror.

Bought it, opened the spread in the Sports Section and was pleasantly surprised.  Checked his blog that night and saw my favorite action
photo posted. I was satisfied.

KA -

                                               BOOM !!

I had done my job.


ps -  all pics in my blog are Low Res, compressed JPEGs.
brosi gonzales

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wining The War

Is there any college basketball game that can draw a bigger crowd than an Ateneo-LaSalle match up?   Probably not.  A Fil Oil Flying V Pre Season semis knockout match between the Eagles & the Archers failed to materialize after DLS was eliminated by FEU just 2 days after the Archers upset the UAAP Defending Champion Eagles.  I heard that had this match between the 2 rivals been forged, the scheduled Friday
[June 10] semifinals games would have been moved from the San Juan Arena to the Philsports Arena in Pasig.

The semis saw the Eagles knocking out the Tamaraws & the Lions knocking out the Falcons.  At least, one could say that the next best thing to an ADM-DLS semis game would be an ADM-SBC Winner-Take-All Championship Game.  So the Fil Oil ended the way it started, with an Ateneo-San Beda Clash.

But unlike the April 9 opening day battle where Ateneo beat San Beda by a slim margin, Independence Day saw  the Eagles tear the Lions apart with a 19 pt. W.  The Ateneans had lost 2 battles en route to the final game [against the Archers and against the Stags] but they Won the War.

Congratulations to the Men In Blue once more - to Coach Black & his Eagles and also to Coach Carlisle & his Mavs !

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fille Goes Full ----- Horizontal

I witnessed [photographed] the Ateneo Volleybelles win their first ever V-league Championship last May 17 -- and was able to produce some great action shots.  But one of my better actions pics in the V League was taken during the eliminations, not during the 2 championship matches.  It's the one of Fille [not Younghusband] Cainglet saving the ball.  I was on single frame and manual focus.  Maybe I was lucky.  Maybe I was at the right place at the right time.  One thing was 4 sure, I was IN the game.  As far as I'm concerned, in sports photojournalism - It's either U get the shot or U don't.  No 2 ways about it.

No fancy tricks, methods, "trade secrets" or what have U for me.
Sa akin [as my header goes]    --- Diskarte ---

And again --
To the Lady Eagles -- Charo, Cara, Bea, Karla, Aerieal, Kesinee, Gretchen, Fille, Dzi, DenDen, Bea, Ella, Jem, Alyssa, Aillysee, Amy [get well soon], Mona + Coach Clint & Staff  --  U truly deserve the Championship !!  Keep In Shape & Stay Pretty .

brosi gonzales

Love Thy Work

I met Rikki Flores early 2010, at a UAAP softball match in UST [she played for UP].  In the ensuing game dates I took a lot more shots, than usual, of her on & off the diamond,  She is one pretty girl.  Come the Fil Oil Flying V Pre Season Basketball Tournament on April-June of that year, Erika [her real name] was a courtside reporter.  I engaged her in small talk occasionally, to nurture my acquiantance.  Course, I continued taking photos of Rikki once in a while.  Then, one fine day in June of  2010 - while she was preping for an interview w Kiefer Ravena just outside the dug out - her director was doing a sound check and a camera white balance reading - I took this photo.  It has remained my best Rikki Flo Portrait, so far, -- Hopefully, I can make a better one someday.

Besides having captured her charm, [again], I realized how much she loves her work.  As they say in the vernacular "love na love niya ang trabaho niya".  And 4 that I am so very happy for Rikki.

Suffice it to say, Rikki & I have one thing in common.

I Love My Job.

brosi gonzales

Black & White & Color Film Negatives

One of my favorite photos of all time is a LIVE Concert Image of  Perf de Castro. This was when Bamboo, Rico Blanco, Perf de Castro and [correct me if I'm wrong] Mark Escuetea, man, that was a long time ago, were known as River Maya.

This time, obviously, artificial light was used.  Again, I used 35mm Kodak Tri-X Black & White Film, processed it [pushed the film, as in altered the processing time], & TREATED the Black &White Negatives MANUALLY with "certain chemicals", as in, I used a toothpick & a small Triple Zero Paintbrush to apply the "chemicals" on the film surface..  In short, the Black & White Negative ended up with "hues of color" -- I actually hand painted a 24mm x36mm Film Negative -- and I had only chance to make it right, w/ my favorite Perf de Castro pic nonetheless!!, cos the "chemicals {it'a certain kind of paint}were permanent -- the negative would have become opaque if I put too many layers.

A lot of Trial & Error & Persistence did pay off because I came up with a few more favorite postworthy photos of this kind -- which I'll probably release sometime in the future.

[Course, I had to let the "chemicals" dry up] Rushed to my favorite ANALOGUE photo shop & had an album size colored test print done.  Had an [8 x10] color print blow-up done. Bragged about it for a while among my friends -- Luckily, Perf de Castro himself ordered a [16 x 20] color print done --  Perf did use the image in his web site for some time -- He might have a new banner pic now.  Had my orig [8 x 10] print scanned, hence the JPEG file.

What happened to my "Black & White & Colored" 35mm negatives ??  All of them were destroyed in a flood but at least I was able to scan my favorite pieces.

BTW, guys, this is only my 2nd post -- Welcome to my blog !

brosi gonzales

God's Light

The Sun is God's Light.  We should never take it for granted.  Let's all Love it.

It is the most important tool in my photography.  I have experience in studio photography and enjoy shooting  LIVE performances, not to mention sporting events like basketball & volleyball  --  but using sunlight, specially for my portraiture ?? Love It !! Wether it be the first kiss of dawn or the harsh radiation of noon or the fickle touch of dusk. One can't control the sun's light but one can manipulate it, diffuse it, reflect it, spread it, soften it, filter it to paint wonderful images.

I won a Canon Photo Contest Asia Honorable Mention Award for this Black & White Portrait. [I used 35mm Kodak ASA 400 Tri-X FILM, processed the film, printed the photo]  [Years back - when film was the norm]. I used available light.

brosi gonzales