Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pilot's Seat

My Work Station

Am presently renting my neighbor's very wide and comfortable guest area
 [w it's own CR and a great view] for a song.


In my small room, I have just enough space.
[Occasionally work into the wee hours of the morning.]

brosi gonzales

Film & Chemicals

 Toxic Days and Nights

[You Can NEVER Do This With Adobe]

All the images in this post were taken with a 35mm film camera.  Except for the first image [Korean Girl] , which was taken with Fuji 35mm color negative film - the rest were taken with Kodak Tri-X 35mm Black & White Film.  I processed [developed] ALL my Black & White Negatives during those "good ol' film days".  I experimented with altering my negatives MANUALLY by applying chemicals using different techniques.  By different techniques - I mean using hand brushes of different types, cotton, toothpicks, and even needles !!! - literally anything that I could get my hands on so that the chemicals used would  settle in different patterns ---> smudgy, liguid-like,  very fine - as in air-brushed, and -- even bubbly !!! -- Notice the tiny, minute bubbles on the LAST photo  [2 be w/in 24 hrs from now].

-- And then, after hours upon hours of tedious manual, trial and error "lab work", I'd let the chemicals settle/dry up, then on the following day proceed to a reputable photo shop and have my negatives, wether they be Color or Black & White, printed like any regular customer would do. Of course, I'd end up going to the shop repeatedly because it couldn't be helped that I'd end up having a bundle of unprintable and/or permanently damaged, unusable negatives. Even with those wasted negatives - 'twas all worth it it, though.

Unfortunately my original negative files were all lost in a flood - but luckily I was able to save some prints - scanned them in a flatbed - hence these beautiful, if I may say so, manually crafted images from my film days are forever preserved, albeit in digital form - but Yes, I do HAVE the prints from where these images were scanned from.

 - Korean Girl - [taken w/ studio lights]

35mm Color Negative Film
No chemicals used here
Negative surface was intentionally "damaged" to create patterns
Brought negative to a photo shop for color printing

- Bamboo - River Maya [live performance]

Kodak Tri-X 35mm Black & White Film used
Personally processed [developed] the negative
Chemicals applied manually on film negative
Brought negative to a photo shop for color printing

- Bamboo - River Maya [live performance]

Same technique used
SAME Negative used [FYI]
Chemicals were reapplied manually
Brought negative to a photo shop for color printing

- Bea - [model]

Kodak Tri-X 35mm Black & White Film Negative used
Personally processed [developed] the negatives
Chemicals airbrushed [expertly] onto film surface [hence the fine pattern]
Brought negative to a photo shop for color printing

- Color it Red - bassist [live performance]

 35mm Black & White Film Negative used
Chemicals applied [smudged] manually onto film surface
At times - I'd let the chemicals drip naturally
Brought negative to a photo shop for color printing

- Issa - [model]

35mm Black & White Negative Film used 
Personally printed the photo on Black & White Photo Paper first
Chemicals applied manually [cotton swab used] onto film surface

- Cookie Chua - [live performance]

35mm Black & White Kodak Tri-X Film Used
Personally processed [developed] the negatives
Chemicals applied manually [notice the liquid-like pattern] onto film surface
Brought negative to a photo shop for color printing

- Cookie Chua - w/ Color It Red [live performance

SAME technique as in the image above

Notice the tiny, tiny bubbles on the chemicals on the chemical application.

One of my BETTER Chemically Altered Images, a Rock Photo of Perf de Castro with his guitar [live performance], has actually been posted several times in this blog. It was first released in my SECOND post, dated June 14, 2011.

brosi gonzales

Tuesday the Seventh

A Field Trip and Championship Match

February 7, Tuesday

 It's not everyday that one gets to visit a cave once used by the Katipuneros and the Japanese soldiers

I am very claustrophobic so when I accompanied a Journalism class [along with their prof ->my boss, friend and media colleague - Mr. Rick Olivares] from the Ateneo to a field trip to the Wawa dam I felt extremely stressed when we explored a cave.  It's strange, but, in the first few minutes in the cave, my Canon SLR wouldn't work !!  Halfway through, though, it finally functioned and I got to shoot 2 JPEGs by mini flashlight.  Caught the faces of Bea Recto [left] and German Steph Martschei for my only "cave photo souvs".

Spelunking - No way !! This cave trip was definitely my last. 
 Open space adventures would be more to my liking. 
Am Planning to go to a mini-expedition to the Mongolian Steppes 
sometime this coming June !! - [with some professional guides, of course].

 - Taken at the Wawa Dam -

 What else is there to do but take pictures ?

 - A brief raft ride to the other side [where the cave is] -

 - Before we entered the cave -

 - Chris de Chavez, Eileen Dacanay, Anne Malicdem, Bea Ocampo -
- Right after we came out of the cave.

- A brief breather -

- Parting Shot -
[front] Chris, Mike, Eileen, Anne, Rick, Meg, Wendy, Bea
 [standing behind] Steph and Stu

- - - Later That Afternoon - - -

 D-League Aspirant's Cup Championship Game
N-LEX Road Warriors  vs  Freego Jeans

February 7, Tuesday
 Arena, San Juan

 NLEX wins  Back-to-Back D-league Campionships.

A few action photos follow:

 - Fear this Falcon -
Eric Camson takes it to the hole.

- Angry Bird -
Former Blue Eagle Bacod Austria faces off with Tamaraw RR Garcia.

 Alex Nuyles [who will still suit up for the Falcons come July]

 uses his athleticism to elude Ian Sangalang.

 Camson uses his quickness to score over Hodges.

 Hodges blocks Eric Camson.

 - No Problemo -

 "Inside Man" Golden Stag Ian Sangalng

 is challenged by Dexter Apinan.

 - RR -

 - Garvo -

 - Chris -

 - Stop Me If You Can ! -
[above & below]

Calvin Abueva savors his 2nd Straight Championship
[with his boy ->James Calvin] after finishing 2nd to San Beda at the NCAA 
last year and then dethroning the PCCL Champions Ateneo Blue Eagles.

RR Garcia [below] also experienced the heartache that comes 
with being a Runner-Up. Garcia was with the Tamaraws, 
[who lost to the Blue Eagles last 2011 at the UAAP Championship].

Both were instrumental in the NLEX Road Warriors' Championship Run
[along with the likes of Dave Marcelo and Eman Monfort - their opponents in the NCAA and UAAP Championships, respectively].

But I'd like to cap this post with a 3-frame sequence 
of Chris Ellis' Slamma Jamma.

brosi gonzales

Weekend # 5 - Part 5

Green Day

February 5, Sunday
Smart Araneta

Ateneo - De La Salle PBA Dream Game

 - Jumpball -

- Rejump -

The Green Team gets of to a sizzling start and scores 34 points while the Blue team manages only 24.

 Ren-Ren Ritualo [#14] puts in 8 markers and takes 3 rebounds.

  Veterans of many a UAAP match,
 JV Casio and Eric Salamat [#2] meet again.

 Elasto Painter Ryan Arana [#18] - 9 points plus 9 rebounds.

 Almost midway in the 2nd, the Blue Team ties the game.

 But Alaska Ace Don Allado [#8] [above & below]

 The Green Gallery gainfully applaud Allado's Antics.

 and Meralco Bolt Mac Cardona [#14], both shooting 50% above from the field and the charity lane, lead the Archers to another double-digit lead, 
13 points, by halftime.

 Shopinas Clicker Ren-Ren Ritualo is left wide open.

 - A Happy De La Salle fan -

 With Japeth Aguilar fronting him, Cardona opts to kick out.

Tropang Texter Larry Fonacier [#12] and Meralco Bolt Mac Cardona [#14] relive their own personal rivalry.  In this sequence, Fonacier is unable to block Cardona's lay-up which results in a twinner for the Green Team.

 - Eagles Soar -

 - Archers Aim -

 PBA MVP Larry Fonacier [#12] shots 6 out of 10 from 2-point range
 but misses [unfortunately]  ALL his 4 treys. 
  [A dozen game-changing points lost there]

 Green team - 57 rebounds    Blue Team - 42 rebounds

 Nonoy Baclao [#27], Rico Maierhofer, and Rico Villanueva
[above & 2  frames below] figure in a tenacious battle for control.

 JC Intal [#6], doubled by Maierhofer and Ritualo,
releases from 3 o'clock - misses.

Leading by 13 come halftime [61-48], 
they outscore the Blue Team by 6 [33-27]
 in the 3rd to start the 4th ahead by 19 big points [94-75].

Trying mightily as they can, 
the former Eagles are no match for the former Archers -
clearly, this is  Green Day.
Leading scorer for the Blue team is LA Tenorio, 
who also dishes out 13 assists.

Leading rebounder for the bLue Team, meanwhile, 
is Doug Kramer who hauls down 9 boards.

 Shopinas Clicker JR Aquino [#36]  gives a hard foul on 
driving Tropang Texter Japeth Aguilar [#35].

 - Hustle, hustle, hustle !!! -

 Wesley Gonzales suits up, but doesn't play -
 Here, he clowns around behind [Ateneo grad and 
former UAAP courtside correspondent and now a PBA  courtsider]
pretty Jessica Mendoza, during a break.

- Elasto Painter vs Llamado -
Ryan Arana tries to defend JC Intal [#6].

 Powerade Tiger JV Casio lets B-Meg Llamado JC Intal go
 lest he be fouled and be given a bonus free throw.

 JC Intal, again, doubled by Ritualo and Maierhofer.

The Battle for the Boards is won by the Green Team.
In any league, if you outrebound your opponent by15,
 chances are you'll win the match.

Congrats to the De La Salle PBA 2012 Team !!

De La Salle PBA - 117      Ateneo PBA - 104

The stats:

brosi gonzales