Monday, June 27, 2011

Late Monday Afternoon

After 8 jeepney rides, 1 LRT trip, and 4 bus rides - it was nice to get back home by 4:30, having been able to finish all my errands. By 5:30 or so, having unwound already, I made an unannounced visit to a neighbor [and good pal], who, by the way, recently became a father only last May 14, and requested to get a few more portraits of his little baby.  The sunlight was fast fading but it was enough.  The breeze was soothing and the little one just happened to be awake.  Time to bring out the 105mm howitzer -er - I mean --> lens, I thought.  And after about 10-20 clicks,  got exactly what I requested for - 
a few more portraits.

Andrew F. Garcia

brosi gonzales

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