Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thursday UAAP Football

January 26, Thursday
Ocampo Field, Ateneo Campus

UAAP Men's Football
1st Round

Archers and Maroons Draw

Miguel Patag [#4] vs Jay Eusebio [#13]

Green Archers Mateo Yuhico [#7] and Don Rabaya [#10] 
go up against Albert Francisco [#3], Juan Miguel Roy [#3]
and an unidentified UP Maroon.
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Jay Eusebio [#13] steps on the gas as Gregy Yang [#20] looks on.

UP Keeper, Ty Caballes [#23] tries to stay sharp as a skirmish goes on in front of him. Caballes is someone you can count one - He always takes care of business and holds fort.   Way to go Ty !

[Wouldya believe, at one time during his Ateneo days, 
he managed the UAAP Women's Volleyball Team ?]

- Mid-Air -
Hector Borromeo [#12] vs Ayi Nii Aryee [#6]
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-With Authority -
Patrick Deyto of La Salle takes matters in to his own hands [literally].
[5-frame sequence]

Michael Simms [#29] vs Gregy Yang [#20]
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Simms again, this time, vs Gerald Layumas [#19]

- Not On My Watch -
[3-frame sequence]

Patrick Deyto of DLSU is arguably one of the better college keepers around.

Go Deyts !

FEU Tamaraws Dominate Ateneo Blue Eagles

Tamaraw Lester Madia [#3] tries to wrest control of the ball from 
Blue Eagle Eman Paredes [#7], to no avail.
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- Blue Eagle Anton Amistoso in action -
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- Too wide a pass for Amistoso -

 - Eman Paredes in control -
[above and below]

Time and again, Ateneo's forays are thwarted by
Tamaraw keeeper Ronnie Aguisanda.
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More the exception to the rule - meaning -
 Ateneo keeper Gabby Faustino being able to hold fort -
because the Tamaraws run circles around the Blue Eagle D 
almost all game long.  That's Nasilin Madjin [#12] trying to finish.
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FEU's Jesus Joaquin Melliza [#7] outplays Ateneo's Gabby Faustino 
to score one of his three goals that afternoon.
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Tamaraws Jeser Jalandoni [#11] and Niao D Fuentes [#13]
and another team mate congratulate Melliza a-gain.

Jose Dominic Clavano [#8] leaves Filsan Akut [#14] gasping, and catches FEU keeper Ronnie Aguisanda flat footed to put one in for Ateneo.
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brosi gonzales

Wednesday UAAP Football

January 25, Wednesday
Ocampo Field, Ateneo Campus

UAAP Women's Football
1st Round

FEU Lady Tams Blank UP Lady Maroons

Miss the entire FEU-UP match but am able to catch Mara Krista Sabanal [#15] and Loreto Ladero [#5] for a post game photo.
Both Sabanal and Ladero lead the charging Lady Tamaraws to victory, 
scoring a goal apiece.

Growling Lady Tigers Take Down Lady Eagles

Veteran Aiza Mondero [#10] of UST tries to take th ball away from
 sophomore Cecilia Dayrit [#26]  of Ateneo.

 Lady Eagle Alexa Dabao [#15], a newbie, contests the ball vs. 
Marie Christine Fuentes [#11] of UST in this bit of first half action.

 Tigers Chanda Solite [#2], Pearl Aguilar [#25], and Marianne Narciso [#4] in a skirmish in front of the goal vs Cecilia Dayrit [#26] and Simone Jaldon [#4], both from the Ateneo. [photo above and below]

A photo,albeit out of focus, of one of Lady Tiger [#4] Marianne Narciso's
2 goals.  Ateneo's defense is simply too slow to defend Narciso's repeated attacks.  

 Simone Jaldon [#4] vs Marice Magdolot [#3]
[above and below]

Camille Dayrit looks to pass.

Erika Casas [#10] takes control.

 Kimberlee Jimenez [#16] lets loose.

Jaldon [ADM] and Magdolot [UST] again, go at it.

 Jennizel Cabalan [#5] and Kimberlee Jimenez [#16] battle for possesion.

 This time, Ateneo keeper Gely Tiu beats Marianne Narciso to the ball.

Mia Catedrilla [#13] volleys.

Jowe-Ann Barruga [#9] goes one-on-one vs Camille Dayrit [#25] of Ateneo.
- [Cecilia Dayrit [#26] is her twin] -
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- Icing On The Cake -
in the last minute Aiza Mondero makes it [3-1],
from a free kick, as Gely Tiu [#12] falters.
[4-frame sequence]

brosi gonzales