Saturday, June 18, 2011

Panoramic Soccer

Photo shows the defending UAAP Champion Blue Eaglets [at that time] [the FEU Baby Tams are the New Champs] battling the Southridge School Admirals in a RIFA match at Ateneo, held last Aug.,2010.

Mikko Mabanag [a client of mine] is seen here executing a cross.  Along w/ Emilio Pelaez, Eric Figueroa, Carlos Monfort [his mom's my client], & Gino Clarino - formed the Core of that 2-peat Champion Squad which FEU dethroned last February, 2011. [Sweet Revenge] [In both Championship Triumphs by Ateneo the Baby Tams were Runners-Up]

Defending in this sequence are - Nace Gonzales [my nephew], Ryan Fermin, Jobo Bonoan, Tony Sunico, Gian Carlo Inacay, Julian Ferrer, & Ralph Suarez.  [There are 2 other players in the pic which I can't ID]

If my shot caught the ball in the upper middle portion of the frame [against a dark background] 'twould have been a better photo 10X over. My digital camera at that time - Single Frame Mode lang ang puwede, My lens - Manual Focus lang.   Decent shot, If I may say so.

Fortunately, I was able to get a new camera by November of 2010.

brosi  gonzales

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