Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Breaking Away From A Tie

Aug.11, Thursday

The Tigers vs Archers match at 3 p.m. last Aug. 13 was officially the last seniors match of the 1st Round.  Interestingly, both teams had identical 3-3 win-loss cards, going into the game - so the winner would obviously be a game ahead of the loser -- entering the 2nd Round of hostilities -- scheduled for Aug.13, the following Saturday.

DLSU dominated the first two quarters, continued to control the third, and the early part of the 4th.  UST clawed it's way back slowly, never giving up, and kept everybody at the edge of their seats until the last few seconds.

August 11, 3:00 p.m.
The last game of Round 1 commences.

Early on, La Salle dominated.  They kept the Tigers out of synch  --
and try as they did, [as in the vernacular] ,  -- "hindi makaporma ang UST".

The Growless Tigers were Huffin' and Puffin', Pido's boys were always a step behind.

Pumaren's boys, on the other hand, even displyed some nifty moves --
like this acrobatic drive by Archer Olan Tampus in the 2nd Quarter.

As I recall, Tampus made 2 back-to-back drives sometime in the 2nd Quarter.
And both resulted in twinners.

Dazed and  . . .

.  .  . and confused were the Tigers.

-- Gang Green --
Andrada, Marata, and Torres stop Espana's
Fortune Cookie, Jeric Fortuna, in this First Half UST thrust.

Coach Jarencio had no time for humor this time.
UST's campaign was a disaster in the making -
His boys simply couldn't execute effectively.

At least, they had a full half to recover.

There are some disasters, though, that can't be helped.

The Tigers came back growling in the 2nd half but they had to spill
their guts out just to make any headway.

Go USTE !  The UST Faithful never doubted their teams' ability to cut into
 La Salle's once formidable lead  --  and cut it down, they did, 
 even threatened to tie or even take the lead.

Growling Tiger Jeric Teng never said die.

In the end game Karim Abdul was a man possessed. 
 He rebounded, scored putbacks, and blocked.

This humble rookie, constantly verbally [I'm talking about under-the-belt type of language here] abused\insulted by the La Salle faithful under their goal [where I was positioned during the 4th Quarter]  knew his composure/mental strength was being severely tested -  and managed to
lead the UST charge to play his best game for UST to date.
 Was this his breakout game ? I say Yes.
He top scored for UST with 21 points.

Although DLS eventually held on to win the game by three [74-71]
  I knew that my friend Karim had won the challenge to outdo himself --
 after all, isn't that what real sports is all about ?
-- Always doing your best -- and taking it to the next level ?

brosi gonzales

Fearsome Falcons

Aug.11, Thursday
Staying Close at Second Place

On the last playdate of the 1st Round, Coach Leo Austria made sure his boys would not suffer the same fate as the Tamaraws the week previous, Aug.4, Thursday, when the "lowly" Maroons humbled Bert Flores and his charges.

On paper, no doubt, the Falcons had the firepower, and the experience. No secret who the first options were for Adamson -- Nuyles, Alvarez, Camson, Colina, Lozada.  Inside and from the perimeter, early on, the San Marcelino boys showed their hapless opponents who would rule and eventually prevail.

After four quarters, Adamson had registered a 26-point victory [72-46].
No surprises in this one.

In the 5-frame sequence below Alex Nuyles Soars and Slams
over a helpless Jelo Montecastro.

Need I say more ?

This Falcon, Alex, will take beat you to the paint,  attract the help defense
. . . then dish a quick pass to a fellow Falcon  . .

 .   .   .  who'll be all alone for a sure twinner.
[This time. it's Manayara who is the recepient of the assist pass]

And this other guy, Eric, he's just got one of the best strokes in the League.
One on one, double teamed, straight up or fading away --
this dude's gonna drill it.  No wonder the Falcons are one of the best perimeter shooting teams.

The Falcons won't be the Falcons without theit Little Big Man -- Lester Alvarez.
He can deliver clutch threes when needed, and can drive and draw too.
Here, he clearly has drawn three Maroons, and has made the smart kick out to one of two open Falcons.

Adamson's sixth men --  role players like Brondial and Etrone can easily outplay their opponents, whilst giving the starters much needed rest.

Straight and True -- One can see it in the photo -- this three pointer went in. This one had Etrone's signature on it.

More often than not,  this is how Adamson's foes have looked liked
after a match -- Beaten.

Like I said, no surprises in this one  --  Just the usual relaxed [triumphant] smiles from the Adamson bench.  Happy to oblige Les, Jeric, and Eric !!

brosi gonzales