Saturday, June 18, 2011

The One

This is a JPEG file from a scanned album size hard copy print.

Lighting                 Available Sunlight
Camera                 Nikkormat
Lens                       Nikkor 135mm 3.5 Medium Telephoto Lens
Film                        35mm Kodak Black & White Tri-X Film, ASA 400
Film Processing   Extended Developing Time - pushed to 1 f-stop
Printing                 Straight Printing on Agfa Photo Paper

Post Printing Treatment
VERY FINE Application w/ a Cotton Swab of a
Hard-To-Find, Extremely Toxic, Not-Available-Over-The-Counter
[I think one needs papers to buy it, banned yata ito] 
POWDER, dissolved in water.  [FYI, color of the POWDER is FUSCHIA]
The end result was a Liquid Chemical still so toxic it corroded the tin tray I poured it on.

Trial & Error & Patience -- I used up around 10 prints 
before I got it just right.

Need I Say More ??

Her name is Cristina.
She WAS The Love of My Life.

brosi gonzales

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