Friday, June 17, 2011

U.P. Los Banos in 5

All in all, I've gone to U.P. Los Banos five times.
First -  to take the UP College Entrance Exam [missed out on all the MManila exam dates that year - am proud to say I passed w/ flying colors]
Second - to photograph Cookie Chua w/ Color It Red and Basti  w/ Wolfgang
Third - to photograph my nephew, Nace, play a soccer match at the Makiling Boot Camp [run  by the UP Fighting Maroons]
Fourth - to shoot the Suzuki U-23 National Cup Opening Day Events
Fifth - to shoot 6 quarterfinal matches of the Suzuki U-23 National Cup

When I took the UP CET, It was uneventful, I simply came, took the test, and left for Manila.  On the next four trips, I visited to take photos [only, on the second trip, to watch the mini concert, I used an analogue camera loaded w/ 35mm Black & White film].

Let me share a favorite photo from each of those last 4 trips.

This is Cookie Chua and Color It Red.  If you refer to my Second Post,  "Black & White & Color Film Negatives", you'll have an idea of the darkroom technique I used to create this photograph  [Cookie Chua hopefully has taken care of her [8x10] copy all these years].

Nace Gonzales, nephew, is the one in white.  He is now a graduating student at Southridge High.  Hope he makes the cut at the UAAP next year.  Go Nac !!!

My hands down choice for favorite pic in that Suzuki Sporting Event is a lunch break snap of my media colleagues -->Mark Escarlote, Diego de la Paz, & TJ Jurado [2 more media colleagues of mine are in the background -->Mia Domingo  & AJ Bolando] .  We all know this as the Banana Photo. 
Good Times, Guys !

This shot of UST Tiger Batisla-Ong and UP Fighting Maroon [& defending champ] Nathan Octavio was taken during the First Quarterfinal Match of the Suzuki U-23 National Cup.  Batisla-Ong played for Iloilo while Octavio played for NCR.

Hopefully, I'll visit UP Los Banos sometime next year to shoot more soccer.
It's fun.

brosi gonzales

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