Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Nicoles

There are two Nicoles I have photographs of :
Nicole A.  and   Nicole M.

Here are some trivial comparisons between the two --

Nicole A.                                          Nicole M.
Asian                                                Caucasian
Loves Basketball                                Loves Milk
First Saw Her in a Stadium                   First Saw Her in a Sari-Sari Store
Resides In MManila                             Resides Outside MManila
In School                                           Out of School
Goes Out a Lot                                   Stays home A Lot
I Know a Friend of Hers                       I Know Her Dad
Have Seen Her Shed A Tear or Two        Haven't Seen Her Cry
  [after a big game loss]
She's a Hottie                                    She's a Doll

                                                Nicole A.

                                                Nicole M.

brosi gonzales

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