Monday, June 13, 2011

Black & White & Color Film Negatives

One of my favorite photos of all time is a LIVE Concert Image of  Perf de Castro. This was when Bamboo, Rico Blanco, Perf de Castro and [correct me if I'm wrong] Mark Escuetea, man, that was a long time ago, were known as River Maya.

This time, obviously, artificial light was used.  Again, I used 35mm Kodak Tri-X Black & White Film, processed it [pushed the film, as in altered the processing time], & TREATED the Black &White Negatives MANUALLY with "certain chemicals", as in, I used a toothpick & a small Triple Zero Paintbrush to apply the "chemicals" on the film surface..  In short, the Black & White Negative ended up with "hues of color" -- I actually hand painted a 24mm x36mm Film Negative -- and I had only chance to make it right, w/ my favorite Perf de Castro pic nonetheless!!, cos the "chemicals {it'a certain kind of paint}were permanent -- the negative would have become opaque if I put too many layers.

A lot of Trial & Error & Persistence did pay off because I came up with a few more favorite postworthy photos of this kind -- which I'll probably release sometime in the future.

[Course, I had to let the "chemicals" dry up] Rushed to my favorite ANALOGUE photo shop & had an album size colored test print done.  Had an [8 x10] color print blow-up done. Bragged about it for a while among my friends -- Luckily, Perf de Castro himself ordered a [16 x 20] color print done --  Perf did use the image in his web site for some time -- He might have a new banner pic now.  Had my orig [8 x 10] print scanned, hence the JPEG file.

What happened to my "Black & White & Colored" 35mm negatives ??  All of them were destroyed in a flood but at least I was able to scan my favorite pieces.

BTW, guys, this is only my 2nd post -- Welcome to my blog !

brosi gonzales

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