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PBA Wednesday - November 23

November 23, Wednesday
Araneta Coliseum

Gin Kings Outscore Aces By 12 In The 2nd Half
                              Ginebra - 85                                 Alaska - 77

Bonbon Custodio and Rico Villanueva battle for the rebound.

Macmac Baracael [in white] attempts to get into the paint
and is defended by Willy Wilson. Baracael is eventually doubled
[thanks to Rico Villanueva's help defense]
[10-frame sequence] -

and clobbered.

             1st    2nd    3rd    4th   Final    Reb   TO Pts   FG%      FT%

Ginebra    21     21     24     19    =85     43      14     32/76     10/16
                                                                          42.1%    62.5%

Alaska         23     23     19     12    =77     48      18     29/70     18/26
                                                                         41.4%    69.2%

- Alaska Ace Mike Cortez - Court General -

It is Nino Canaleta, though, who is the big difference for Ginebra.
He has 29 markers [50% field goal shooting], 8 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 steal.
[Actually, in this corner jumper, Canaleta is blocked by Samigue Eman [#33].

Ginebra - Canaleta-21 / Cortez-13 / Intal-12 / Helterbrand-10 / Mamaril-9 /
             Villanueva-7 / Caguioa-7 / Wilson,J -2 / Wilson,W -2 / Tubid -2

Alaska - Thoss-13 / Custodio-12 / Reyes-11 / Baguio-11 /
            de la Cruz-11 / Tenorio-10 / Baracael-5 / Eman-2 / Bugia-2          

Canaleta outstreches Alaska Ace Jayr Reyes

for one of the 8 boards he pulls down.

- Post game Player-of-the Game Interview-
Canaleta is in the limelight once again.

PBA Courtside Correspondent Aaron Atayde enjoys the basketball game
This guy looks very happy with his job.

As for me, I too, am happy with my job.

Meralco Over Barako Bull
                                      Meralco -83               Barako Bull - 75

Big Mac always hits the big baskets.
In this thrust, Willie Miller and Dylan Ababou double Capt. Hook.
Macmac puts in 17 points, takes down 4 boards, dishes out 2 assists,
and steals the ball once. [18 minutes on the court]

Gabby Espinas, another Bolt that can strike from anywhere anytime,
 scores 16 points and grabs 6 rebounds [3 off]. [32 minutes on the court]

Cardona - Looking for the right moment to make his move.

- Just do it -

           1st   2nd  3rd   4th  Final     Reb  TO Pts     FG%       FT%

Barako   18    15   17    25    =75      51   17       28/77     12/15 80%
                                                                   36.4%       80%

Meralco   21    16   24    22    =83      49   17       28/68      24/39
                                                                                                               41.2%      61.5%

Meralco - Cardona-17 / Espina-16 / Mercado-12 / Isip-10 /
              Taulava-10 / Lanete-5 / Borboran-4 / Omolon-4 /
              Macapagal-3 / Hugnatan-2

Barako Bull - Miller-14 / Pennisi-14 / Arboleda-13 / Pena-12 /
                 Najorda-7 / Ababou-5 / Aquino-4 / Salvador-4 /

Two bigs, Dorian Pena of Barako Bull and Asi Taulava of Meralco,
[leading rebounders for their teams - Taulava w/17, Pena w/14]
seem to be playing rough ball in this bit of action [4-frame sequence]

If you can't beat them and don't wanna join them
- just sigh and stick your tongue out.

Just like I stated before, the PBA is where one finds little boys [trapped in big men's bodies] playing basketball [whilst being guided by coaches, who themselves, occasionally behave like little kids] in a big dome in Cubao.

Kidding aside - I have a lot of respect for the professionals [from the players - veterans, rookies, whoever, to the coaches, the courtside correspondents, the writers and my co-photographers] who just try to do a good job each time they show up at the PBA.

brosi gonzales

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PCCL Tuesday - November 22

November 22
Arena, San Juan

Falcons Take Down Bombers
                                         Adu - 73                      JRU - 58

The JRU Heavy Bombers, fresh from their conquest of the NU Bulldogs, met their match in the Adamson Falcons.  In the rebounds and turnover departments, the Falcons had 12 more [47 to 35] and [25-13], respectively.  Field goal poercentage wise it was 37% for both teams.  Free throw wise, Leo Austria's boys scored 19 points out of 27 charities given them, Vergel Meneses' charges, on the other hand put in 7 points from 11 charities.  [That's a bonus of 12 points from the stripe for Adamson - and well deservingly so - thay were more agressive, thus being awarded more free throws, 27].  

 Austin Manyara's [5 pts] and Roeder Cabrera's [6 pts] combined output of 11 points in the 3rd was telling: Adamson outscored JRU 23 -13 in that quarter. Come the 4th Qtr, the Falcons scored 25 points to the Bombers' 18.  in the end, it was Adamson - 73 and J. Rizal - 58.  This one gave the Falcons the right to battle the
San Sebastian Stags on the following Thursday, Nov.24, also at the Arena.

Austin Manyara [in white] led the Falcons in scoring [16 pts], followed by
Janus Lozada [14], and Jerick Canada [10].

Janus Lozada, probably in his last time to don a Falcon uniform,
accumulated the most minutes [29].
He pulled down 11 boards, dished out 5 assists,
converted both of his two 2-point field goal attempts,
missed both his two 3-point attempts, and made 12 of his 15 free throws.
  The next two images are of Lozada:
 gaining control of a loose ball and laying up a sure twinner.

Leading rebounder [13 boards], 
 Falcon frontman Eric Camson contributed 7 points.
He converted on only 3 of his 11 2-point field goal tries.

Manyara streches to gain control to no avail.
[3-frame sequence]

Allen Etrone is simply too quick for his defenders - scores two.

Next match for the Falcons - the San Sebastian Stags
Nov.24, Thursday, Arena

Charging Knights Eliminate Archers
                                       Letarn - 66                      DLSU - 61

Like the Bombers before them, the Archers were outrebounded by their opponents by at least 10, and outscored [fell behind] in the 3rd Qtr.  This helped negate DLS' advantage in turnover points [21 for the Archers] [the Knights had only 11 turnover points]. Four Knights put in double figures: Kevin Racal [14], Kevin Alas [14],Mark Cruz [11], and Raymond Almazan [11].  Only Norbert Torres scored over 10 points for DLS [16].

It was Mark Cruz, the younger brother of former Fighting Maroon Marvin Cruz, and his timely perimeter conversions that gave the Knights enough cushion, entering the closing minutes of the 4th Qtr.  It seemd that the LaSallites couldn't contain the wily point guard.

Kevin Racal escapes his defender, Tata Marata, to get into scoring position.
                                           [4-frame sequence]

Si Idol, Kevin Alas,

pinanis si

Papot Paredes ng DLS.

Mark Cruz, the smallest guy on the court, shocked the boys from Taft

with his timely

perimeter conversions.

This helped

keep the Archers at bay and kept the pressure on them.

Again, Letran Go-to-Guy Kevin Alas eludes, this time, Olan Tampus,
and gets into the lane.  Norbert Torres ends up fouling Kevin.
[6-frame sequence]

- Foul ! -

 - Another Alas drive -

- Light Moment -
Coach Louie Alas kids around with Inquirer writer Jasmine Payo
[of Inquirer][on the left, partially covered by the guy w/ a video cam].
On the left foreground is Jonas Terrado [of Bulletin], Mark Gionco
[hand on chest -of] and Adrian Dy [partially hidden, right] -
[ of].

Brothers [Aces] - in - Arms
- Kevin and younger sibling Keifer -

I wonder if I could ever get my favorite Ks from the UAAP and NCAA:
Kevin Ferrer, Kirk Long, Kiefer Ravena, and Kevin Alas in one photo -that'll be cool.

brosi gonzales

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