Friday, July 15, 2011

Winning Time

UP vs UE --- July 14, Thursday, Araneta

Mike Gamboa --- Full Throttle

 Mike Silungan --- Always a marked.

Manuel --- You the man.


Scoring by Quarters:
                             Qt1         Qt2         Qt3         Qt4
UP                          22          17         18         12           =69
UE                          11          20         16         14           =61

 brosi gonzales

UST's Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie.
Posting a 42.9% field goal clip during regulation and [3  out of 4  ---
75% in overtime !], Jeric Fortuna was hands down the MVP in the UST OT Win over NU last July 14, Thursday.

After the W Chris Camus asked me not to post the block by Mbe on him.
But hey, Chris, my pal, you played a great all around game -- You scored the first 2 or 3 baskets for your team, You had a couple of crucial steals 
[I particularly remember one interception against a careless Emmanuel Mbe sometime during the 4th Quarter], You scored in double figures, and you grabbed 10 boards !

Star Rookie vs Star Rookie.
Kevin vs Bobby.

Cat vs Dog.
Tiger vs Bulldog.

With the clock winding down in OT, Parks took a medium J for the win --
It missed.
Ferrer got the last rebound [he got 11] of the game and it was all but over.

Great Game Jeric !!!

Scoring by Quarters:

                           Qt1         Qt2          Qt3          Qt4          OT
UST                      17          14           13           21          8    =73
NU                       14           19          11           21          7     =72

brosi gonzales

Coulda', Woulda', Shoulda'

Ateneo vs Adamson --- July 10, Sunday, Araneta

 Costly Error.
Alvarez grimaces in frustration as the Eagles take advantage of a fumbled pass.

With around 20 seconds or so left and Ateneo leading by only two points [53-51] Adamson had a golden opportunity to force an overtime. In the ensuing offensive play Alvarez passed to team mate Cabrera.  Roeder bobbled the ball and the Eagles took advantage and regained possesion  Adamson fouled Monfort as a last resort: Eman calmly sank both charities for the final 55-51 count.

Greg Slaughter shot 64.3% from the field but missed half of the 10 charities awarded him.  As a team, Ateneo missed 9 of 27 free throws while Adamson converted all 11 foul throws given them.

The Usual Suspects.
Nico Salva contorts.

Crunch Time.
With the score tied at 51 Kirk Long extends.
John Brondial was just a micro second too late when he deflected the ball; 
It had already bounced of the glass and was on the way down.
This goal tend pushed Ateneo up 53-51.

The Blue Eagles had 10 less attempts [54] than the Fighting Falcons [64] but had a higher field goal percentage [33% to Adamson's 26%]. 
The scoring by quarters is as follows:

               Qt1               Qt2              Qt3               QT4

ADM         16               17               10              12            =55
ADU         12               15               17               7             =51

brosi gonzales

First Blood

First Blood.

The 'Comeback Kid" LA Revilla, scored the first 2 field goals [a drive and a three] for the Archers as the UAAP Season 74 Basketball Season Wars commenced last Sunday, July 10.   Revilla top-scored for DLS [18 pts.] and stayed the longest on the floor [30 minutes].

All out.
Revilla was all over the place.

It was tied at 18 at the end of the First Quarter but in the next three the Tams outscored the Archers.  Atkins and Vosotros were off [Simon scored only 1 field goal while Almond missed all his 6 attempts].  Garcia, Ramos, and Cawaling all had double figures. The Archers' scoring was slightly more balanced and they had 50 rebounds to the Tams 42 but in the field goal percentage department FEU managed 39% as compared to DLSU's 29%.

Veteran vs Rookie
Aldrich challenges Arnold.

Romeo from down under.

 RR Garcia uncontested.
Courtesy of a Ramos assist pass.

All in all, the Tamaraws proved steadier and more resilient than the Green Archers in the long haul.  Veteranship and Finals experience have made FEU  a formidable foe.

 Scoring by Quarters:

                                   QT1               Qt2               Qt3                Qt4
FEU                         18               17               17               22      
DLS                         18               15               12               20         
Final Score: Tamaraws---74   Green Archers---65

brosi gonzales