Monday, December 12, 2011

The Courtside Portrait


As far as PBA courtside correspondents Jessica Mendoza and Sel Guevara are concerned - I've a number of stolen shots of Jessica, from her 2-year UAAP courtside stint [I gave her a CD  of all those JPEGs burned in - as a souvinier of sorts], and a great portait of Sel [one of my best this year], from when I met her last July 1 at a press brief in Rizal Coliseum.  In the ongoing PBA Philippine Cup [which started last Oct.2]  I've occasionally tried to take a few snaps of both girls - all in all, in total, about LESS than 10 - hoping to get a photo that would really stand out - a real good, good photo - by MY standards - Technically AND Artistically Sound.  I always failed.  Yes, they were just generic, run of the mill shots any experienced photographer can create.  Still, I gave Sel and Jessica a print or two [I think it was a group shot with Erika Padilla] OK lang - 'Twas all good - no biggy.

Finally, on Sunday, December 11, during the Ginebra-Tnt hoops match, as I was squatted near the hardcourt baseline taking some action shots - I noticed Jessica and Sel seated together on the left corner near the North Goal .  As usual, they were both well-made up, hair all perfect, and just being the pretty young correspondents they are - laid back, and relaxed, yet ready for the next report.  Noticing their demeanor  - my phographic instincts told me that it is a perfect time to capture these two lookers in an altogether different well crafted image - hopefully a courtside photo that will be a cut above ALL courtside pics these girls have ever had taken.

I signalled to them from about 4 meters away - [I was squatted on the hardcourt and they were seated] to put their heads close together for a simple snap [smiling of course] - Clicked twice - looked at my LCD - OK, I thought - Lighting->good, exposure->on the dot, composition->OK, warm "hindi pilit" smiles, mood->perfect ! - Dapat ito -  take two - or three or even four -- I knew the moment was there - I just had to capture it ! 

So, a few moments after the final buzzer, and some cursory moments with some of their admirers - I approached both girls and showed them my "test shots" and requested a few secs for a photo opp.

They obliged - I positioned them properly - gave a few cues - waited for the background to clear - asked Jessica to tilt her head ever so slightly - then clicked four times. 

Below is my favorite image among the four [low res & understandably watermarked].  Sel asked for copies. No problemo. Jessica, you need not ask.
You'll get an [8 x 10] high res print each.

Jessica and Sel

Absolutely - LOVE IT !
brosi gonzales

comin up feats

Dec .4, 6, 8, & 11 PBA Games
Dec. 5, 9 & 12 PCCL Games
UFL Semis & Championship Matches
Dec.11 UAAP Women's Volley
+ more random portraits

LA Galaxy vs Phil. Azkals

December 3, Saturday
Rizal Memorial Football Stadium

Missing The Money Shot By  Milliseconds

- Beckham's Kick

As I see the ball go to David, I quickly point my lens at him but
 am late by a millisecond to catch the ball in frame.

that puts LA Galaxy ahead by 1 -

 - Am following the ball as it [in the wink of an eye] goes in,
but again - I'm a millisecond late.  This would have been a better shot if I caught the ball in frame even if I did get Beckham's kick [above]
with the ball in frame.

A few more shots from tha match:

- David vs James -
[above & below]

The Azkals have some decent chances in the 1st Half.
Here's a 3-frame sequence of  a Phil Younghusband miss.

Phil Younghusband finally gets one in for the Azkals.

- Lightning Strikes Twice -
LA Galaxy scores its 2nd Goal complements of Mike Magee [#18].
Once more - I click my shutter milliseconds late -
It's only del Rosario [#4] and Magee on the image - the ball is out of frame.

- Landon Donovan -

- Sean Franklin -

Anton del Rosario [#4]  - Mike Magee

- Frankie Hejduck -

I hardly take images in the 2nd half where the game is dominated by the LA Galaxy. Nobody really expects tha Azkals to win but the Filipino fans  hope for a respectable final tally.    It is [Galaxy-6  Azkals-1]

All the photos above were taken in the 1st Half.  Frankly, the few 2nd half photos I took are not blogworthy, as far as I'm concerned. 

Who knows, maybe in the next year or so more world class football teams will play here in Manila.  If and when - I Hope to get the money shots.

brosi gonzales