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Some Favorite "Foursome" Photos
[from 2011]

 - Eye Like -

Fab Four

TJ Manotoc - Carlos Atayde - Rick Olivares - Boyet Sison
Panaad Stadium, Bacolod - February
 Snapped this one inside the Media Room an hour or two before the
Phil. Azkals-Mongolia match which we won, 2-0.
Absolutely Love It when my subjects Let Go

Former Lady Eagles

Kara Acevedo - Bea Pascual - Charo Santos - Karla Bello
Arena, San Juan - May
Taken inside the dugout after the Lady Eagles won game #1 of the 
Best-of-Three Finals Series of the Shakey's V-League Crown, Season 8.
-- Good Times Girls !!! -- Great Chops Too ! --

 With Feeling !

Ilocos Norte - April
Took this image under the windmill array.
Tagged along with some guys from Suzuki.

Boouyah !!

Rick Olivares - JC Intal - Bianca Gonzales - Boom Gonzalez
Araneta Coliseum - July
'Twas very easy to illicit Boom to show some testosterone in this impromptu grouping
inside the Media Room during Kobe's visit at the Araneta -- 
This "snapshot", hands down,  - one of my favorite in recent months.

The Salvas

Araneta Coliseum - September
That's Nico salva's girfriend, younger brother, mom and dad.
This photo was snapped during the Ateneo-FEU UAAP Basketball Finals.

Blacks, Blues and Grays

Araneta Coliseum - October
Jaz Reyes - Trisa Carlos - Mikey Mirabueno - Andrea Maxine Recto
Araneta Coliseum - September
Was just passing through the common area behind Araneta's South Goal
when I chanced upon my media friends the UAAP family. Noticing their laid back demeanor and 
the monochromatic "feel" of their apparrel and the shaded background - 
I Knew I simply had to capture the moment.

Guidon Guys and Gals

Araneta Coliseum - October
During the 4-Peat Championship frenzy, last October 1,
I managed to catch my friends from the Ateneo College Paper.


Seth Ragodon - Lydia B. Gonzales - Ines B. Ragodon - Xian Ragodon
Jollibee, C-5 - July
That's my mom, Lydia,[2nd fr right] and his sister in the middle.
They are flanked by my aunt's grandchildren.
When we entered Jollibee that night I selected a particular section
where I knew the photo mural would eventually serve as
an ideal backdrop for a group shot.

The Rookies

Ara Galang - Mika Reyes - Carol Ann Cerveza - Camille Cruz
Arena, San Juan - November
These young, eager and hopeful Lady Archers from Taft are all set to
play in their first ever UAAP Volleyball Tournament.
  On their way to the DLS dugout, they spared me a few seconds of their time.

To all the guys & gals in the 9 pictures 
---> Thank You Very Much !

brosi gonzales

Killing Time

The Loner's Entry
11:11 p.m. - Dec. 9
Shakey's Shaw

Been here since 8:00 pm. Came from Wi-Fi-ing at the Arena Press Room [after shooting Ateneo's knockout win over Beda] and am just homesick now so I'll just share a "loner moment" tonight by posting this entry. Still have my unfinished dessert from my unplanned dinner here at Shakey's [Shaw]. Yes, the traffic's still horrible, going north and/or south so I'll just stay till this joint closes [a little after midnight] and probably get home to Southy Bay Gardens, in Sucat, before 1:00, say, Saturday.

Knowing some people will check out my blog tonight [probably to look for some sports images, not some mundane pics of a laptop and melting ice cream] - one way or the other somehow makes me feel better - maybe KSP lang ako - well -- whatever.

brosi gonzales

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LA Galaxy Press Conference

December 1, Thursday
Shanri-La, Makati

Here are a few snaps from the LA Galaxy Press Meet at the Shang:

- The Wait -

Jonas Terrado of Bulletin makes use of his time while
waiting for the press con to commence.

Sportswriters Mark Goinco and Celeste Flores, on the other hand,
 are probably tweeting, in this snap.

Don't think it's necessary to put captions below the next photos.
We all know who the subjects are, Right ?

I get to shake Mr. B's hand shortly after this photo.
That was enough for me that night.
Aly Borromeo / Rick Olivares / David Who ??

- Ernie Nierras and Rick Olivares -
- Buddy Buddies -

Rick poses w/ some LA Galaxy players.
[above and below]

Cedelf Tupas / Aly Borromeo / Rick Olivares

- Media collegues of mine -
Good Times !

Ryan Fenix [left] / Rick Olivares [middle] / Natasha Gutierrez [in black]

I was composing a threesome photo until . . .

Frankly - I find it ill-mannered and rude [pare, nakakaasar] [gusto ko sanang i crop out, pero masisira ang "composition" ng kuha ko] when I'm taking a group picture and somebody just barges in and includes himself in the group. But I simply am not the kinda guy to ask the "assungot" to leave -[Gotta be tactful and "not rude"]  By instinct I snap, before the "moment" is lost.

Yup, but that's just me.

Maybe next, I'll be the rude one, hu ?
Just Kidding

* * * 

I steal this snap of Natasha Gutierrez while I am patiently waiting 
[standing up], along with all the mainstream journalists, 
for the LA Galaxy Press Meet to begin.

 Did mention to Natasha [when I met her later after the press con] that I did take snaps of her [albeit, stolen] that I intended to post in my blog.

No doubt, she is one very attractive news correspondent.

'Nuff said

brosi gonzales

UAAP Volley & UFL Soccer Wednesday

November 30, Wednesday
Blue Eagle Gym

ADM Ladies Volley Team - [2 Wins - 0 Losses]
Lady Eagles Blank Lady Warriors
                                               ADM - 3              UE - 0

Coach Gorayeb's Lady Eagles got of to slow start, almost losing the first set to the Lady Warriors.   After clawing their way back to win 26-24 to, Lady Captain Fille Cainglet & Coy maintaned their momentum and coasted in the next 2 sets [25-13] and [25-7] to bag win  #2.  It was what the Ateneans needed, since their next match would be a litmus test for them.

Here are some random photos from the Eagles-Warriors match:

As in their first match vs the UST Lady Tigers,
the hot, young Cainglet leads the Lady Eagles in scoring.

She gets ample support from Dzi Gervacio [#6].

And of course, as expected, Rookie-of-the-Year candidate
Alyssa Valdez does her bit for Ateneo

When Fille's on the floor - things happen for Ateneo.

Certainly not perfect, Cainglet gets blocked
- once in a "blue" moon [pun intended].

The Lady Eagles have some anxious moments -

particularly in Set #1, where the Lady Warriors lead them by 2 points
on several occasions.

The Ateneans simply get their act together in time to
snatch Set #1 - barely, that is.

As goes the Nike ad "Just Do It".
Lady Eagles score.

Ella de Jesus , aka "The Elevator" elevates

and hammers one for the Blue and White.

Rookie May Tajima [#5] gets her first minutes in the UAAP.

Come Set #3, It's already all good for the Lady Eagles.
The Lady Warriors only manage to score 7 points.

Next up for the Ladies in Blue, their first Season 74 encounter with
the Defending Champion Lady Archers - [Dec. 3, Saturday]

November 30, Wednesday [evening]
University of Makati

Loyola Meralco Sparks Knock Out Stallion FC

Anatomy of a goal
[5-frame sequence] 

A couple more action shots - - -

Am not an expert in football, but I say, Sparks keeper
Gabriel Vorceck did a pretty good job.
[next 3 photos]

A few more action shots -

 The Sparks win set them up for another knockout game
- this time vs Kaya.

 "Phil na Phil" ni Angel ang tagumpay ng Sparks.

 Was glad to renew my acquiantance with my footballer pals from FEU
[3 photos] by taking a few snaps before I left UMak.

Dexter Chio / Ronnie Aguisanda / Akut Filsan / Javoll Lofrancu /
Nino Fuentes / Maurice de Leon / Alandel Domekyas / 
Bricks Bryan / Caballero Kevin Sernicula

brosi gonzales

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