Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 Long, Thick, Black Hair

Nine [3 x 5] analogue prints are all I have left [in my archive] from a 2-roll
[1 Color, 1 Black & White] [36 exposures per roll of 35mm film] shoot of this pretty Cebuana.  I shot these [using available light - my favorite - in a studio where strobes where at my disposal !] for a magazine years back.  [Yup - the good ol' days of Film Photography].  She had the longest and thickest locks among all the girls I've ever photographed and one of the most luscious set of lips too. 

Her portraits are one of my favorites [even though they are NOT one of of my better ones] -  simply because she was just very, very pretty, whilst her appeal was very subtle but strong.  She was nice too. She was the "hot-but-shy" type, well, at least, that's how I remember her. 

For me 'twas "work", likewise for her. She enjoyed being photographed while I had a great time honing my craft.  Getting paid to shoot pretty girls -  How could I NOT enjoy that ??

But enuff o that.  Here are two more of the nine.


And Yes, there's lots more where these came from.

brosi gonzales


Really have 2 bounce - but not without posting a few random teasers
from upcoming sports feats:

brosi gonzales

Weekend # 5 - Part 1

UAAP Women's Volleyball Tourtnament
2nd Round
February 4, Saturday

Lady Falcons Sweep Lady Warriors
[25-11    25-22    27-25]

 Player-of-the-Game Sheila Pineda [#3 blue] blocks Jimberly Dizon [#3 white] !

 - One against Two - 
Sheila Pineda Attacks !

 - Penetration -

 Mary Grace Masangkay [#1] sets up Sheisa Nebrida.

Warriors and Falcons joust.

  Sheisa Nebrida [#5] "jack knifes" one in for the Lady Warriors. 

 - Backs against the wall -
Grace Masangkay makes sure the Warriors understand 
what they have to do to take down the Falcons.

 POW !!  That's veteran Pau Soriano scoring for Adamson

Sheila Pineda - Player-of-the-Game -  Again ?
Bea Coronel - Courtside Reporting -  Again ?

Why Not ??

brosi gonzales

Defending Champion Lady Archers Handily Win Over lady Maroons
[25-10    25-8    25-18]

 - Remembering Ma-an Panganiban -

- See You At The Net -
- Maroons Arylle Magtalas [#6] and Joyce Palad [#7] versus
Archers Ara Galang [#10] and Abigail Marano [#2] -
[above & below]

  - Swoosh !! -
 Archer Ara Galang [#10] sends a message [via air].
[above & below]

 This time, Ara Galang [#10] is blocked by Joyce Palad [#7]
and Ana Maria Del Mundo [#11].

 Young libero Rochell Sison [Melissa Gohing's possible successor]
 takes one for the team.

 Pauline Genido [#8] streches to block a Lady Archer.

 - Fast and Furious -
Cha Cruz penetrates the UP phalanx of Pauline Genido [#8]
and Ana Maria Del Mundo [#11].

- A Cut Above The Rest -
Cha C - C - C - C - CRUZ !!! 

Another loss for the Lady Maroons - another win for the Lady Archers -
So What's New ?

brosi gonzales

- Following Feats -

Two UAAP Men's Football Matches and
Two UAAP Women's Football Matches and
A Dream Game --> all taken in one Sunday

plus a few RIFA matches
plus the usual random non-sports post

Second of February

UAAP Baseball Tournamanet
2nd Round
February 2, Thursday
Rizal Memorial

Adamson Falcons Upsets Ateneo, Deal Blue Eagles Loss # 1

My Bad a-gain !!  This time I com ein late for the AdU-ADM baseball match and ctach only the last few minutes of the Falcons' upset of the Eagles.  Here are four of the shots I manage to take  [that are blogworthy enough].

 - Mud On Their Wings -

Adamson's 14-11 victory shatters Ateneo's dream of a sweep of the elims.

Green Archers Win Over the Defending Champion UST Tigers

A few match photos follow:

brosi gonzales

First of February

UAAP Women's Volleyball Tournament

February 1, Wednesday

Lady Tigers Over Lady Warriors in Three Straight Sets
[25-21    25-15    25-16] 
Arrived too late to catch the UST-UE match [so, no game pics here] but managed to capture the Lady Tigresse in civies, with the blessing of Coaches Odgie Mamon and Vit Ponce de Leon.  [They, the Tigresses were set to proceed altogether to the UP Campus Chapel, after the game, to pay their respects to Ma-an Panganiban who passed away a few days previous.] 

Five JPEGs, of the Tigresses in civies, follow:

 - Charming ! -

[These 5 pics have actually been posted in a previous entry
- anyway no harm done reposting them]

Lady Falcons Take Down the Lady Tamaraws in Four Sets
25-8     25-18     21-25     25-19

A few photos w/ and w/o captions:

 Mae Zapanta is blocked by Lady Tams Roxas and Eulalio.
[above and below]

 - Signed -

 - Sealed -

 - by Lady Falcon Mae Zapanta -

 - Fear Us Falcons -

 - True Sportsmanship -

 - Group Hug -

Yup, that's the Player-of-the-Game, Shiela Pineda, being interviewed by 
looker Bea Coronel - currently enrolled at UP {and residing about 100 paces [there is a landscaped open area and road between our houses]
 behind the where I stay,  in Sucat}.

brosi gonzales