Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PBA Tuesday

November 29, Tuesday
Araneta Coliseum

Arwind and Alex On Fire
                                              Petron - 90      Alaska -85

Alex Cabagnot drills in 20 points for the Blaze.

Team mate Arwind Santos, meanwhile, scores 24 
to lead all scorers from both Petron and Alaska.

Cabagnot and Santos combine for half [13] 
of Petron's 26 points in the 4th Qtr.

It was Arwind's clutch shooting, though, in the end game
that seals the win for the Blaze.

Yap Scores 27 To Lead B-Meg Against Talk n Text
                              B-Meg - 114                          Talk n Text - 104

- James Yap - [above and below]
--> 27 pts., 4 boards, 3 assists, 1 steal, 1 block -
[James scored 12 points in the 4th Qtr]

 - Kerby Raymundo - [above and below]
--> 20 pts., 12 rebounds, 3 assists -

Joshua Urbiztondo --> 15 pts., 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals

B-Meg - Yap-27 / Raymundo-20 / Urbiztondo-15 / Simon, P.J.-11 / 
            De Vance-9 / Yap, Roger-9 / Pingris-8 / Reavis-8 / Barroca-7
Raymundo-12 rebounds

TnT - Carey-25 / Castro-18 / Alapag-15 / Aguilar-11 /
        Wiliams-11 / Weinstein-9 / Fonacier-8 / De Ocampo-7
Carey-13 rebounds
Williams-11 rebounds

B-Meg   29  24  23  38  =114   

TnT      21  21  36  26  =104

brosi gonzales

December 7

It's December Seven
I'm Starting To Look Back At
Twenty Eleven

A couple o' thousand photos in the last eleven-plus months [Whew!!] - and couple more to shoot before 2011 ends - and I'm already reminiscin' [image wise, that is] ?  Yes.  SANA - Hopefully, I can outdo the best photos that I've shot the past Jan-to-the-first-week-of-December time frame, and that's easier said than done, I know,  but Hey, who knows ? 

 Without a doubt there are already a select number that will surely be part of "My Favorite/Best Images of 2011" folder - of course the number will be always be arbitrary - and now that I have a 6-month old blog that's alive and well - Why not share these select few images [pictures that will always be, excuse the senti context but I can't put it in any other way] --> that are "close to my heart" ?

[Tried to group them into a few categories, some of which have yet to be filled, I'm in no hurry to "complete my choices" - eventually the better images will just stand out above the rest - and I'll be coming back to this posting to add the eventual standouts as 2012 draws near.

Here are a few 
Randomly Arranged Favorites

Portraits [ALL shot on location]

Rizal Memoirial Football Stadium
July, 2011

Ateneo Erenchum Football Pitch
February, 2011

Sports [Behind-the-Scenes]

Final Game
Araneta Coliseum
September, 2011

Father and Daughter
UP Softball Field
January, 2011

 A Kiss From The Captain
Rizal Football Field
July, 2011

Jollibee, Sucat
June, 2011


Rebel Yell
Rizal Memorial Football Field
July, 2011

Chieffy Scores !!
Panaad Stadium, Bacolod
February, 2011

Whooping It Up
Ateneo Erenchum Football Field
March, 2011

[Basketball ]

The Man of Steal - Eric Salamat
Araneta Coliseum
November, 2011

[Other Sports]

Eyes On The Ball
UP Softball Field
January, 2011 

[more picks to be chosen, and posted, soon]

brosi gonzales

D-League Monday

November 28, Monday
FEU Tambayan / R.Papa Gym

Good Company Makes A Meal A Feast

Went to the FEU R. Papa Gym to take photos of 2 D-League games.  Arriving around 11 a.m. [the games were scheduled at 2:00 and 4:00] I decided to surf at the FEU Tambayan [It is a comfy air-con/wi-fi resto right below the FEU University Athletics office], of course, only after paying a visit to FEU Athletic Director Mark Molina.  Had a brief chat with Paul Lee too [who I introduced myself to, at the gym] after talking to Mark. Going down to the Tambayan, I bumped into acquiantances Ronnie Aguisanda of the FEU UAAP Seniors Football Team, and Alandel Domekyas, now also with the Seniors Team, [Alandel just graduated from FERN, with a UAAP Juniors Championship under his belt] in the Tambayan.  My friend Pippo Nuonduo came in few minutes later.  Coach Alan Albano of the UAAP Champion Ladies Basketball Team came by. Course, we all had the usual sports talk. Had a nice lunch [Burp] with Nuondou, and before I knew it, Pippo had to bounce and I had to finish up on my surfing - time to shoot the NLEX vs Cobra Energy match.

 When I came in, Ronnie was busy surfing.

 - Leftover [pun intended?]-
[-from the Season 71 UAAP Ladies Volleyball Championship Team] -
[remember - Daquis, Vivas, and Morada formed the Big Three 
of that formidable Champion Team]
 Irish Morada quietly takes her brunch at the FEU Tambayan.

- The humble champion, Alandel - at the D-League match -
Asked him how strong [or weaker] the FEU FERN Football Team is, 
now that he has moved on to the Senior ranks - Alandel replied -
"Pare masmalakas ang team ngayon"
Hmm - Guess . . . We'll find out early next year.

- Deadly Tamaraws - Present, Past and Future -
RR Garcia, Benedict Fernandez, Cris Tolomia

At the two D-League matches, had a few words with Simon Atkins, Jai Reyes and Eman Monfort. [Simon said he loves to play Call of Duty [PS3] - I suppose  he wouldn't mind playing Medal of Honor and Battlefiled 3 too - Yep, I wore my Battlefield 3 T-shirt kasi {availed of the promo at data Blitz} - and this jock's planning to get a Canon 7D, hope you get it soon dude]After the matches, copied the stats, then went back to the Tambayan for dinner.  Jai Reyes and Pippo Nuondou came by.   Started transferring some photos of Pippo to his HDD and just had Carbonara [Pippo's treat].  Soon enough some FEU basketball coaches came by - Muriel Garcia and Allan Albano - and coincidentally, me and Pippo were actually looking at one of my older blog postings which simply happened to have Coach Muriel's 6-month old baby girl, Mirielle on it.  'All in all -  'Twas a pleasant impromptu gathering that I simply had to take shots of.
And like I said - Good Company makes a Meal [any meal] a Feast.

RR came by just in time for my last few parting shots.

By the way - earlier that afternoon - . . . . .

NLEX Road Rarriors - 81        Cobra Energy - 65

9 Photos

Calvin Abueva contorts for two.
[cropped image]


John Noble [in white] looks to make a move.

Chris Ellis takes it to the hole.

- Golden Stag Arnold Pascual -
[3-frame sequence]

 RR Garcia, King Tamaraw, is in the house.

Cebuana Lhuillier Gems - 81     Big Chill Superchargers - 65

22 photos

Make way for Mr. Excitement -->Terence Romeo.

Pari Llagas [former UE Red Warrior] drives.

Gryann Mendoza [in blue] still has a few playing years with the Tamaraws. 

Cris Exciminiano [in blue], on the other hand,
has finished his playing years with FEU.
The Tams will surely miss his defensive presence.

- Terence Romeo again -
How do you stop this guy?
[3-frame sequence]

 - Reliving their UAAP days - 
Raffy Reyes and Simon Atkins go at at again.

 - The Need for Speed -

 - Umaangas -

Sundot ?

 Literally down to the last second, 
Romeo kept on shakin' and bakin' and scoring.
These two photos [above and below] were taken
in the last 3 or so seconds of the game.

Has Romeo banished the ghosts of UAAP Championships lost ?
Probably so.
This Tamaraw has moved on.

brosi gonzales