Monday, June 13, 2011

God's Light

The Sun is God's Light.  We should never take it for granted.  Let's all Love it.

It is the most important tool in my photography.  I have experience in studio photography and enjoy shooting  LIVE performances, not to mention sporting events like basketball & volleyball  --  but using sunlight, specially for my portraiture ?? Love It !! Wether it be the first kiss of dawn or the harsh radiation of noon or the fickle touch of dusk. One can't control the sun's light but one can manipulate it, diffuse it, reflect it, spread it, soften it, filter it to paint wonderful images.

I won a Canon Photo Contest Asia Honorable Mention Award for this Black & White Portrait. [I used 35mm Kodak ASA 400 Tri-X FILM, processed the film, printed the photo]  [Years back - when film was the norm]. I used available light.

brosi gonzales

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