Monday, August 1, 2011

Eye Like

July 29, 2010
[A little over a year ago] 

RR versus Simon

Captured this moment during the First Round match [July 29] between 
FEU and DLS, [the Tamaraws won].   Possibly my best Basketball Shot from 
last year's UAAP Season 73.

The Nikon D60 SLR body used is now a piece of junk !

 The NIKKOR 35mm  f/1.4  manual focus lens used
[which I bought 2nd hand years ago] is still in decent working condition, 
despite its battered exterior and the presence of some fungi.

Absolutely Love that lens !!!   Still use it !!!

brosi gonzales

My Two Print Ads

Feels Good Bro

I took this photo of the Azkals after their lost game to Kuwait at
Rizal Memorial last July 28.

The Ad Agency which released this ad is Needham DDB. 
This dominated the front page of the Philippine Daily inquirer Sports Section last Saturday, July 30.

I took this photo of the Azkals, small insert at bottom left, during the Philippines' 4-0 win over Sri Lanka last July 3 at the Rizal Memorial.

The Image of the Collezione Shirt IS NOT MINE.
The Ad Agency which released this ad is DM9JaymeSyfu.

brosi gonzales