Monday, June 13, 2011

Love Thy Work

I met Rikki Flores early 2010, at a UAAP softball match in UST [she played for UP].  In the ensuing game dates I took a lot more shots, than usual, of her on & off the diamond,  She is one pretty girl.  Come the Fil Oil Flying V Pre Season Basketball Tournament on April-June of that year, Erika [her real name] was a courtside reporter.  I engaged her in small talk occasionally, to nurture my acquiantance.  Course, I continued taking photos of Rikki once in a while.  Then, one fine day in June of  2010 - while she was preping for an interview w Kiefer Ravena just outside the dug out - her director was doing a sound check and a camera white balance reading - I took this photo.  It has remained my best Rikki Flo Portrait, so far, -- Hopefully, I can make a better one someday.

Besides having captured her charm, [again], I realized how much she loves her work.  As they say in the vernacular "love na love niya ang trabaho niya".  And 4 that I am so very happy for Rikki.

Suffice it to say, Rikki & I have one thing in common.

I Love My Job.

brosi gonzales

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