Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seeing Red and Feelin' the HEAT !!!

 The 2 Richies [from the Amazing Race], Rikki Flo [pretty emcee], and Rick O [my boss] during a Jr. NBA Event at the MOA.  Good Times !!

Like Kobe and Derrick, don't like LeBron or Duane, never liked Chris or Udonis.  But when I took this photo, I was blinded by this Bright Ray of Light, and then  -ZZHHIING !!   In the blink of an eye -- I became a Miami Fan !!.    Man, did I feel the HEAT !!!   Whew !!!   South is GOOD  !!!

Damn It !!!  Where is that Nikon X-Ray Lens when  you need it ??

brosi gonzales

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