Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday Morning

Rizal Memorial - It's 8:33 a.m. and I'm the first photog to enter the Media Room.  [Cathy Rivilla, one of the Media Coordinators just dropped by] [Not to worry Cathy, you'll get your on-the-spot portrait sooner than you think [At the rate things are going I might have to steal one between now and sometime this evening - when hopefully, we'll all be celebrating a win -- and Yes, Cath,  If I can make it better than Sel's portrait which I took last Friday, I will.] Frankly, I think it's going to be frenzied here later - There are not enough outlets for the media [TV videographers, photographers, writers].  I just counted four [4] outlets !! -Actually its down to three now cause I'm using one already as I transcribe this entry.

I always hope for the best, but am expecting the worst. 

brosi gonzales

NBA 3-on-3

On the past 2 days that I attended press briefings for the July 3 [Azkals vs Brave Reds] match at the Rizal Memorial Stadium - I  found time to drop by the MOA, in the afternoon, to check out the NBA 3-on-3 Event.   Approximately 112 Teams registered for this 3 day event [July 1-3].  That meant 448 young hoopsters registered, since each team has a substitute. This gathering of basketball lovers, from all over the archipelago, is being graced by Horace Grant, a former team mate of MJ in Chicago, [If I remember correctly Grant has a few Championship Rings as a Bull and one Championship Ring as a Laker] and six members from the NBA New York Knicks City Dancers.

I'll have to miss the culminating day of this event since I'll be at Rizal Memorial tomorrow afternoon covering Philippines vs Sri Lanka.

brosi gonzales

Correction !!

At the Media Press Conference/Briefing earlier at 2 p.m. it was clarified by Mr. Rick Olivares [Media Officer] that the Azkals will be wearing BLUE, and NOT WHITE, as I previously posted yesterday evening at this blog.  

Mizuno has several hues of blue, but I am not exactly sure if this is the shade
for tomorrow's outfit.  It could possibly be a darker shade [as in the jacket of the Azkal in the left] or a much lighter one.  Guess we'll all find out at match time.

brosi gonzales