Monday, March 5, 2012

Kapitbahay Ko

My Neighbor Was A Vamp

Once upon a time, I lived alone in a condo in Makati.  It just so happened, too, that I had a very pretty neighbor, who was living in with her boyfriend at that time.  We became good friends, the girl and his beau, and as a result I was able to arrange 3 separate one-on-one photo shoots [1 evening, 2 daytime] of the girl in my living room/studio.

The 10 arbitrarily selected images that follow were taken with Fuji 35mm Color Negative Film. I used A Nikon D-90 Film SLR, along with studio lights and colored gels.  Scanned  the original  3R size analogue prints in my flatbed and saved the files as JPEGs, 
[Never bothered to "clean up" the images with any photo app, so one'll see how these old, old prints actually look like - scratches/imperfections and all.]

Those were the days -  The FILM Experience [and ALL its limitations] - 
-Taught me REAL Photography  in a way "Digital Stuff" will never ever do -

- All Untitled -

The girl is now a very accomplished/successful actress and has won numerous prestigious acting awards. One might just easily recognize her.  Do You ?

{As far as semi-nude/sensual images are concerned - I have a very modest collection - [all taken with Black & White Film] of some great lookers [famous and unknown]  BUT as much as I'd like to share them as posts - I never got to get a single release agreement consumated}

brosi gonzales

Weekend # 4 - Part 4

UAAP Women's Football Tournament
Round 1

January 29, Sunday
Ateneo Campus

UP vs Ateneo
Rookies Win It for The Lady Maroons

In the 1st Half, Rookie Cristina de los Reyes [#6]  [from DLS Zobel High]
 outwits Ateneo keeper Gely Tiu , and puts UP on the board [1-0].
[6-frame sequence]

 At halftime, a very disappointed Assistant Coach, Tata Garcia,
 tries her damn best to motivate the Lady Eagles.

In the 2nd Half, veteran Yvette Gaston [#8] lobs one in from far left
to tie the match.
[10-frame sequence]

 Rookie Mia Catedrilla [#13] and Sophomore Simone Jaldon [#4] 
whoop it up w/ Gaston.

Jasmine Matalam {#1], Cecilia Dayrit [#26] and Kimberlee Jimenez [#16]
follow suit.

But their elation is short-lived -

 Because in less then five minutes after Gaston's goal - - -
- Lightning Strikes Twice -
Cristina de los Reyes [#6] scores again for the Lady Maroons ! 
UP-2   ADM-1
[10-frame sequence]

Cristina hugs Monica Manalansan [#9] as Mary Jane Penol [#11], 
Christille Ardiente [#7-right], Hope Solis [#2-left] join the celebration.

What's with the Ateneo Defense ???

Then, another UP Rookie, Martha Dagdag [#17],
scores and seals the deal [3-1] for the Lady Maroons.
[3-frame sequence]

 - Nagdagdag Pa Si Dagdag -
Rookie Christille Ardiente [#7] hugs an elated Martha Dagdag [#17],
another rookie, while veteran Hope Solis [in the background]
one of the most likely to score for UP,
is all too happy to care a wether she scores at all.

A few randomly arranged bits of action in between the 4 goals follow:

 Erika Casas [#10]  bangs bodies w/ Mary Jane Penol [#11].

- Rookie vs Rookie -
 - Mia Catedrilla [#13] vs Cristina de los Reyes [#6] -

- Rough and Tumble -
- Milka Romero [#7] vs Clara Poblador [#18] -

 - Simone Jaldon [#4[ vs Mary Jane Penol [#11] -

 Mary Jane Penol [#11] - In Control -
Mia Catedrilla [#13-behind]

 - Monica Manalansan [#9] vs Cecilia Dayrit [#26] -

 - Mary Jane Penol - Still in Control -

Gely Tiu beats de los Reyes to the ball several X in the 2nd half but after Dagdag's goal - the handwriting is on the wall.
- UP Is the Better Team -

 - Cristina de los Reyes [#6]  vs an unidentified Lady Eagle -

 Monica Manalansan [#9] vs Milka Romero [#7]
 [above and below]

 - Triumphant Smile -
This promising rookie just happens to be 
my neighbor in South Bay Gardens, Sucat.

[I'll eventually release a a separate posting about Cristina de los Reyes
sometime this summer - Hopefully, with some nice portraits.]

- A Dejected Lady Eagle Team -

- Optimistic Smile -
Despite the loss, Lady Eagle Mikaela "Milka" Romero manages a warm smile.
A few minutes before I snapped this image she had just been pointing out to Ateneo Coach Bob Manlulo a rainbow that had just appeared on the
Eastern Sky.

That's the Spirit !

brosi gonzales