Monday, October 24, 2011

Before the Azkals Fever

Three Pictures of Aly Boromeo and Chieffy Caligdong 
from the Summer of 2010  .  .  .

Months before the Azkals made the news, I was able to take a number of photos  Aly Borromeo and Chieffy Caligdong,  who were playing [then]
for Kaya Digiprit and Air Force respectively.

March 28, 2010 [UFL] - Ateneo Erenchum Field
Aly is on the extreme right.

April 25, 2010 [UFL] - Army Football Field
- Aly -

May 5, 2010 [UFL] - Nomads Football Field
- Chieffy -

Big Shots of Aly and Chieffy from
July 28 and Febuary 9 of 2011  .  .  .

July 28, 2011 - Rizal Coliseum
A four-frame sequence . . .

showing Aly Borromeo whooping it up . . .
[This particular frame [the best among the 4]
can be seen in two earlier posts.]

after Schrock scored the Azkals' one and only goal . . .

 in the closing seconds of the 1st half of their match vs Kuwait,
where RP was knocked out of the World Cup Qualifying Race,
 losing to the Kuwaitis [4-1].

 Febuary 9, 2011 - Panaad Stadium

  - Big Goal, Big Shot - Big Photo
Chieffy Caligdong's goal that put the Azkals ahead by a point over Mongolia.
Phil Younghusband scored the 2nd Goal which helped seal the win.
 [Azkals-2   Mongolia-0]
[This JPEG may be seen in one of my early posts titled
"Panalo - Getting the Job Done"]
[It also came out in a Sports Section Spread of a daily, last Febuary 12]

and a simple photo of Chieffy and a boy.

October, 2011 - UMak Football Field
- Simple Photo -- Or so it seems -
This is a stolen shot of Caligdong warming up and
daring  a little fan to steal the soccer ball from him.
The moment captured here might appear insignificant, at first glance, 
and even inconsequential, at the most - more so if one compares it to Borromeo's "whooping it up" photo.  But if one can "get it",
 it's "utter simplicity" is its strength.  No image of flashy or flamboyant goals here - just a man and a boy, and a soccer ball --
that says a whole lot more than meets the eye.

brosi gonzales

An Exciting One and a Boring One

October 23, Sunday

Global  vs.  Pachanga
                                            2                2

After John Bedic [#8] and Nixon Leonora [#7] put Pachanga ahead [2-0]  Global was put on the brink of elimination.         But, from that point onwards, as they say in the vernacular -"Napabayaan".  Izzu [#10] [Global] scored, barely two minutes after Leonora made his.  Capitalizing on a defnsive lapse by Pachangas, Guirado hit the open man, Franko Borromeo on the 89 minute mark.  Borromeo sent it home for a 2-all count, with barely a minute left in the match !!  Whatta Game !!!

This is Nixon Leonora's goal in the 70th minute which put
 Pachanga ahead 2-0.

- Global Strikes Back -
 Izzu scores !
[Picture above and below]

Diop [#21] had an opportunity to put Pachanga ahead by 2 again [3-1]
 but he went wide on his Penalty Kick.

Guirado found an open Borromeo [#7] in the dying minutes of the match.  
Franko finished.  Score [2-2] !!



Randomly arranged photos follow . . .

[more JPEGs 2 b added]

brosi gonzales

October 23, Sunday
Araneta Coliseum

Rain or Shine   vs.   Alaska
                                           120                     84

In the biggest blow out of the season, the Elasto painters outclassd the Aces in practically all departments --

Field Goal %                                 57.5   to   37.8
Rebounds                                      58             33
Assists                                          30             19
Points of Turnovers                        17              8
2nd Chance Points                         18              7
Steals                                            6               5
3-Point Shots Made                        14              6

Jeffrei Chan's 15 markers in the 1st Qtr set the tone of the match early on but LA Tenorio's perimeter shooting in the 2nd helped bring down Rain or Shine's 16-pont 1st Qtr. lead to 8 [Alaska ended the 1st half with a Baracael buzzer-beater lay up].  Come the 3rd, another Elasto Painter, Larry Rodriguez,  scored double figures' [10 poinbts],shifting the momentum back to Rain or Shine.  The 4th Qtr then  saw Yneg Guiao's boys plaster Alaska, outscoring them by 17 [39 to 22], to end the match with an impressive 36-point margin.

A few pics follow here.

Cyrus Baguio

Baguio off an assist pass by LA Tenorio.

.Mac Mac Baracael - Hindi makaporma.
Actually, Jeffrei Chan was slapped a foul on this play.

Ronjay fakes out rookie Eric Salamat for a sure two.

Now, how often does this happen ?


brosi gonzales


Urinalysis In A Hotel Room

October 22,  Mandarin Hotel

Last Saturday, I was tasked to document [with a still camera and a video cam] a Sweat Test [by Gatorade].  Two celebrities - Jaymie Pizzaro and  Anthony Pangilinan - were at the forefront of this procudure.  They underwent a series of tests - which involved urine sampling, running on a treadmill [for a specified period of time], monitoring the amount of sweat they excreted and the amount of hydration [liquid replenishment] they took while running, and the measurement of other variables on, during, and after their time on the treadmill. 

It wasn't as exciting as shooting a soccer or a basketball game but it compelled me to use my macro lens [which I never bring to a match] and, among other things, taught me a thing or two about urinalysis.  Just had to exercise a little more patience.  After all was said and done - and downloaded to my laptop  - I could safely say that I had done a simple, decent job - and had taken a few casual souvinier snaps for this blog.

Yes, that'a urine sample being placed on the sensor of the chisel shaped end of a "refractometer" [one can see the the full length, profile, of the gadget on the picture below].  Notice how the analyst peeps at the eyepiece on the opposite end of the piece.  What he will view is a vertical chart, similar to that of a thermometer, which will give him a numerical reading which will then translate to measurements of certain variables. 
This data will then be the basis for the urinalysis.

It does help to point the refractometer agains a strong light source to have the chart well lit, ths making the graph/reading very clear.

One has to make sure that the lid, which closes and secures the urine on the refractometer sensor, is repeatedly cleaned, to make sure that each urine sample is free from contamination. 

That's one of several patches that  Jaymie, and also Anthony,
had to wear during the Sweat Test. 

Both participants had to do the treadmill for approximately an hour and a half.
In order to to simulate New York weather, at this time of the year, the room was prepped up [with the aid of additional airconditioning equipment],
the temperature being lowered, several hours before the actual test.
Everyone was advised to bring several warm clothing the night before.

Another patch, which would react [discolor] depending on the amount of on one's sweat,is shown being secured on to Anthony's forehead. 
 I belive that's Hannah, one of anthony's daughters, in the background.

- Mission Accomplished -
Marcia Cruz, Anna Romero - both from Group M, and
Anthony Pangilinan, are all smiles at the end of the day.


Actually, Jaymie, accompanied by son Anton [10] anddaughter Nia [6], 
 came early and had some time to pose for beside the window.

- One More, for the Road -.
Marcia, Anna, Jaymie, and Oz Arcilla

By the time I left Mandarin, it was  around 6 past.
[Glad to finally loose the three layers of clothing
I had  been wearing for close to 4 hours.]

brosi gonzales