Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Among Other Things

Stuff [Hobbies] [which I did very, very well]
 I Miss Doing [due to other priorities]

[All photos in this post are JPEGs from scanned old analogue prints]

Am a sucker for Static Scale Modeling.

- An A-10 Warthog [in 1/48 scale], a favorite of mine -
I liked [it's such a cool combat aircraft] it so much that I ended up 
purchasing 5 kits, and applied different camouflage finishes for each kit.

The Benz below is one of the only car [by Tamiya] kit I made.
[I sold it to my gay cousin, who gave it as a gift to his boyfriend.]

My robust armor collection are all in 1/35 scale. 
Below is an American WWII half-track w/ anti-aircraft guns.

Below is a 1/48 scale F-22 Raptor by Italeri.

My displayed kits are all gathering dust,
 in the Bulacan house where I grew up in.
Below are some 8-wheeled vehicles.

Below are few Tamiya Snap-on Battery-powered
 toys which I airbrushed w/ different colors.

It's a hobby I used to take very, very seriously [Used to spend on all the latest airbrushes, compressors, professional hobby tools -> custom tweezers, special hand brushes, putty, Gunze paints, special fixatives and the like etc. etc ]and, if I might add - I became pretty good at it.

I love German WWII combat vehicles - soft skinned armor [as in half-tracks],
and heavy armor [Tiger Tanks, Panthers, and the like - Real Bad Ass Dude!!!].
Above is a Tiger I.

Nowadays, it's just too time consuming for my comfort. Just too busy now. Did purchase, last year, 1/32 scale Vietnam-Era Phantom [long-nose] by Tamiya, from Lil's Hobby Shop at Mega Mall.  When will I assemble it ? Can't say at this point.

The photo below is that of partly finished military scale models,
[all 1/48 scale aircraft] still hanging on my old bedroom wall.

A few finished combat aircraft are properly displayed [and also gathering dust] in the den [that's pastel portrait of my mom on the background].

- An American WWII P-38 Lightning [the night fighter version] -

 - - -

BTW, I taught myself how to play the violin - years ago - and become good enough [after a couple of years of practice] to widow tunes. [Had a chubby girlfriend once {Cecile N.}, who I freguently played for] [That was memorable.]

- Beside Jay Cayuca - 
Pic was taken in a glossy mag's [where I used to work] studio.

Violin ->now long gone - Unfortunately, it was stolen -
Chubby girlfriend ->now long gone too - No, she wasn't stolen.
But my heart was - Yuk - Sobrang Cheesy !!

brosi gonzales

Now, back to the my sports feats -

4 Ms

No-Look Portraits Taken w 35mm Film

Martha, Mighty, Misha, and Monette

Just a few memories from my good ol' days of Film Photography - - -
[These JPEGs are from scanned analogue prints]

- Martha R -
seated on a garden swing, and sucking a lollipop

- Mighty M -
fidgeting while seated on a rattan chair on the driveway

- Michelle V -
seated [giggling] on a flower box on her porch

[Hand colored the print]

- Monette R -
posing beside the window of her living room

[Hand colored the print]
[Notice the scratches and smudges on the print surface]

- Eye Like -

brosi gonzales

Mga Mag-ama

Six Fathers - Three Daughters -Three Sons
[In the Sports Setting]

[Thematic posts allow me to mix/match, and share, old and new images]

Father: Noy Jopson
Daughter: Mikele

Took this photo last August of 2010, at the Iron Man Triathlon at Cam Sur
minutes after Noy crossed the Finish Line.
He finished 3rd Overall in the Pinoy Elite category.

[Mikele, then 2 years old, is turning 6 this June]
[Noy, hope to see you at the next Iron Man at Lapu-Lapu City!]

Father: Larry Fonacier
Son: Liam

Took this photo after TnT had just won the PBA Philippine Cup Championship at Smart Araneta last January 29.  Larry won the Finals MVP award.

[Don't know Larry personally]

Father: Mr. Tan [forgot his first name!]
Daughter: Rochelle

Took this photo at the recently concluded
Exterra Triathlon Weekend at Liloan, Cebu.
Introduced myself to Rochelle after she had just won the 5K Event,
 a day before the Sunday Triathlon

[Met her dad too]
[Rochelle is a med student at Cebu Doctors]

Father: Raoul Recto
Daughter: Robbie

Took this image way back January of 2011, during the UAAP Women's Softball Tournament Matches held at the UP Diliman Campus.
Robbie had just taken a bad fall during a match vs UE,
and was in tears as her dad carried her to the sidelines.

[Fortunately, for Robbie, the injury looked worse than it actually was
 - A few days later, she was up and about again - ready to play]
[Fortunately, too, for me, this photo won 3rd Place in the UAAP Photo Competition {on-line category} and I got a few Gs as prize money]

Father: Bong Ravena
Son: Kiefer

 Took this photo after Kiefer won his [correct me if I am wrong]
third UAAP Junior Championship w/ the Blue Eaglets, way back 2010.
This was at the Araneta in Cubao.

[Am glad to know the Ravenas - Bong, Mozzy, Kiefer, Thirdy, and Dani]

Father: Calvin Abueva
Daughter ? - Oops! - I meant Son:  Calvin James

Took this photo after San Sebastian had just won the PCCL cahmpionship
[dethroning the Defending Champs, Ateneo Blue Eagles]
at the Arena in San Juan, last December.

[At first glance, the child looks like a girl, but actually the child's a he]
[Calvin's first born, Calvin James, was about 6 months old at that time]

brosi gonzales