Sunday, April 8, 2012


The Fan

Took the image above during the Easter Sunday knockout game between
B-Meg & Meralco which the Llamados won.  The previous game saw Barako Bull eliminate Alaska.  This set the stage for the Talk n' Text vs Barako Bull and the B-Meg vs Ginebra Semis Series [Best-of-Five].  BTW, The pretty lass above is a Meralco fan. 

Those 2 matches  were the first ever PBA matches I watched this Conference.  I'll probably watch all the following semis [Best-of-Five] matches & [Best-of -Seven] Finals Series - minus the games to be held in  Ynares, Antipolo.  I didn't miss the PBA that much since I was able to give more time to my other priorities - but coming back to watch it is refreshing.  I'm expect particularly excited about the Ginebra / B-Meg Semis Matches [because of their fan following].

I heard that the Shakey's V-League's 9th Season, slated to open April 15, has been moved to April 24.  The Fil-Oil Basketball League, meanwhile opens this Saturday, April 14 [Arena , San Juan], with the Defending 4-Peat Champs Ateneo Blue Eagles and La Salle Green Archers taking on separate opponents.

Babad nanaman ako sa laro !
BTW, Guys
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Honestly, I think someone hacked my blog.

BUT - Moving on - I decided to put up 3 sites at -


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I'm starting literally from scratch.

This blog, though, as of March, 2013 still gets a lotta hits a day.
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Happy Easter To You All !!!

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Archive Pic

Army  vs  Arirang
- Ready Or Not Here I Come -

- Keeper pointing / Attacker dribbling / Ball in play /
Referee keeping pace /  Background clear -
Well crafted image - If I may say so

Took this photo at the Ateneo High School Football Fields [I can't even remember what league it was I was shooting at that time, anymore] using a Nikon D-60 DSLR [what a disappointment] complemented by a manual focus 300mm telephoto lens.  One can say, I was a "wanting to become a real sports photojournalist" when this image was taken [late 2008].

 Fourtunately, Now, I can say that I AM indeed a bona fide / legit / honest-to-goodness sports photojournalist. Have earned a few stripes here and there - and continue to do so - but it is never enough - one simply has to keep at it relentlessy.  That's the only was to succeed.

brosi gonzales

Portraits of Marga

From Alabang to Ateneo to Al-Jazeera

{JSYK [Just so you'll know], between Ateneo and Al-Jazeera
 there should be GMA-7 and PROBE, but hey, 
it'll disrupt the flow of the three As in the title}

Met young Marga Ortigas way back when she was in Woodrose High [she was a friend of a first cousin of mine].  From Woodrose High she went on to finish a Comm Course at the Ateneo  and moved on to do news for GMA-7, and also became a member of the PROBE Team [headed by CheChe Lazo].  Never really kept track or touch with her [actually never got close to her] so I was just pleasantly surprised, one day, to find out that she was with Al-Jazeera.

No matter, that was just some trivia to help transition into these portraits - which I took of her at her res in  Ayala Alabang.  Things is , I did eventualy have 2 portrait shoots with her. The first was a one-on-one/solo shoot - the second was with her friends Patricia Evangelista and Leah Caringal.

That's her good friend, Patricia Evangelista, standing [who also finished a
 Comm Course at Ateneo - last I heard she was in New York].
Patricia's the type to dye her hair fuschia, aqua blue or whatever 
color fancies her - wouldn't be surprised if she has body piercings now.


 Marga loved M & Ms.

Marga was still with GMA-7 when I had the two portrait shoots. I was in-house photographer for a weekly then [I was provided a dark room where I got to process and print ALL my Black & White Film work].

During those "Film Days", I'd usually take at least a hundred shots  [Color & Black & White versions combined] [per session] of my subjects  - and it did reach as much as 150 upwards [depending on the situation].  Yes, those were the days - "Talagang Babad" ako sa portraiture.  BTW, the shots with Marga were personal shoots, NOT an assignments.

JPEGs above are from scanned [3x5] analogue prints - surface imperfections and scratches left as is.  Have a lot more angles of Marga - seated/barefoot/full body shots etc. - but at present can't find them [so I can scan them] - Well, maybe when I get to sort out my archives again.

Soon Enough
brosi gonzales

Baseball Thursday

UAAP Baseball
Final Four Matches 
#1-NU    vs    #4-UST
#2-ADM    vs    #3-DLS

February 16, Thursday
Rizal Memorial

UST Tigers force a rubber match

 Oops !!
- An interesting sequence caught by my DSLR -

At the bottom of the 9th play is halted due to a heavy downpour.
After due deliberation, the game officials hand the win over to the
 Blue Eagles,  considering Ateneo's huge lead.
This Ateneo W eliminates the Green Archers,
 as the Eagles claim the first Finals Slot.

Will update this post with more JPEGs after 
I purchase more blog space from Google in the next few days.

brosi gonzales

Step Ladder

UAAP Women's Volleyball
Step Ladder Match

#3-UST    vs    #4-FEU
February 15, Wednesday
Arena, San Juan

UST Tigresses Eliminate FEU Lady Tamaraws in Four
25-22    23-25    25-27    25-21

- Still Paying Their Dues -
Leading 19-16 in Set #4, the young, less experienced FEU Lady Tamaraws
choke under the pressure, allow UST to rally and eventually beat them.

Will be updated w lots of JPEGs after I purchase
 more space from Google in the next few days
[I used up ALL of my storage, says blogspot,
 cause of too many posted pictures - What The ??]

The funny thing is, when posting, the blogspot advisory telling me I can't add any more images comes out occasionally, at times it doesn't appear at all
-- that's just weird.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Snaps -> Simple & Light - Yet Soulful

[Yes, Great Memories Are made of Simple Moments Like These]

This is only a quarter portion of the view.
I avoided the frames where the huge glass panels 
converge at the edge of the room, while taking this photo.

How did you spend your Holy Wednesday ?  Me, I had the fortune of spending some 4-5 hours with five guys "discussing business & artistic concerns" - and sharing lottsa laughs - in a 23rd Floor corner office overlooking a portion of BGC.  Shared a simple lunch with them, too, and of course, I  ended up serving my usual ->"JPEGs for dessert" [so to speak].  Here are some of them.

 Reason 2 Smile - Rick O. is in the House.

 This image was taken by Krizelle "Kring" Lacson.
Great chops [Daniel], great timing by Kring, 
- simple but effective composition. [My kinda photo !]

 I took this one of Kring [w/ her Henna].

Kring also took this one of Arlet [She's a Judo Freak]. 
 I lent Arlet and Kring a DSLR each to take on-the-spots of each other, 
occasionally giving them picture taking tips.

Actually Took a whole lotta photos. 
These just happen to be the ones I'm willing to share.

- Parting Shots -
Just B4 everybody bounces, have [L-R]
Rick Olivares / Paolo Carlos / Kring Lacson / Arlet Coronado
and Daniel Gonzales sit on the floor and - well - just BE.

Kring and Arlet are fresh grads [as in they marched last March 24] from the Ateneo.  Daniel, from North Virginia, is an opera singer. He is now with the NAVY Football Team, currently participating in the UFL.

Good Times !!!

brosi gonzales

Weekend # 6 - Part 6D

Sweet Sweep

Alyssa Valdez is smothered by rookie Ara Galang and veteran Abigail Marano.

 Gorayeb's girls lose their legs in the 5th.
They simply fumble their receives time and again.

 Although out of frame, that's Gretchen Ho being blocked by Cha Cruz.
[I can tell by the two wrist bands and the tape on the left hand fingers]

 The Queen Archer, Cha Cruz, seen here w/ a defensive stance.

 Gem Ferrer gets caught flat footed.


 Losing Always Sucks !

- Mixed Emotions ? -

All is not lost.  The Lady Eagles maintain Solo Second and have the
Twice-To-Beat vs either FEU, AdU or UST, the three teams still having to go through the step ladder format to determine who gets a crack at Ateneo.

brosi gonzales

Weekend # 6 - Part 6C

The Action Continues

At first galnce, Gretchen Ho appears to be scoring a point.
Actually, DLSU scores in this sequence. Ho miscalculating the trajectory, 
has the ball bounce her side of the net to bounce back into the Ateneo side.

- DLSU D in action -

- A successful block by Marano on Valdez sends the DLSU gallery screaming -
[above & below]

Abigail Marano hits a total of 20 Winners.

 Valdez' 16 is not enough to turn the game around for the Lady Eagles.

 Gumabao Executes.

 - Composure -

- Not In A Good Situation -

Can The Lady Eagles Gut It Out  ?

- Problem Not Solved - Game On The Line - 

2 B continued - - -

brosi gonzales