Sunday, December 11, 2011

On Line Chat w Landon Donovan

December 2, Friday
Shangri-La, Makati

A day before the LA Galaxy-Phil. Azkals match at Rizal, I documented a one hour or so [10:30-11:30 am] on-line chat/forum w/ Landon Donovan [which of course had been promoted on-line a few days before]. The people behind this press exercise were from Group M, Shift, and Gatorade.  The response was very, very good and even after the hour had elapsed questions were still streaming in. For me, it was a relatively comfortable shoot.  We were all comfortably "working" in the privacy of  a 5-star hotel function room [w tasty finger foods, brewed coffee, and of course, lots of Gatorade for everyone].

Before knew it, the hour had passed and Landon had to leave,
but not after obliging a brief interview and some autographs. 
Did get Landon to autograph a football jersey I brought along 
and asked him to to write
"4 Nace- Landon Donovan - Mabuhay !" 
[Nace is my 17 year old nephew who plays for the Junior Kaya Team]
Me - I'm no soccer/football fan [never was] - 
I just take great sports photos [soccer included].

 - The guys from Group M, Shift, and Gatorade -

 [behind L-R]
Oz, Tim, Ann, Landon, Steve, Rick, Ton, and Leica
 and [in front in fuschia] - Rosh

Another on-line chat/forum, this time with Chieffy Caligdong,
is being considered - but nothing is definite at this point.

brosi gonzales


The Girl Next [literally] Next Door

The UAAP pre-season press meet at the Gateway [Araneta Center, July]]
 is where the new members of the UAAP Family are introduced.
I posted this photo in my blog entry titled "Family Snapshots"
a couple of days after the meet and did mention something about
UP's new UAAP courtside reporter, Bea Coronel.

I tried to steal a couple of shots of Bea but never came up with anything worth saving in my files, after almost three months of UAAP basketball. 

Fast forward now to Dec. 9, Friday, [just before the PCCL Ateneo-San Beda knockout game] - where I finally get a simple decent shot of Bea. [photo below] It's blogworthy enough for the moment [though I know I can create a much, much better on-the-spot-portrait - hopefully when a good opp comes ->I'll just let it present itself, maybe in the PCCL Finals]. 

Or I can just make an appointment with Bea to shoot her portraits at her home when sched's are lighter [Her house is like 150 paces behind the place where I reside, inside a village in Sucat]  No real hurry with that - but hopefully before before 2012.

- A nice, simple angle on Bea Coronel -
She's currently enrolled at the UP IMC [Institute of Mass Communications].

brosi gonzales