Monday, June 13, 2011

Fille Goes Full ----- Horizontal

I witnessed [photographed] the Ateneo Volleybelles win their first ever V-league Championship last May 17 -- and was able to produce some great action shots.  But one of my better actions pics in the V League was taken during the eliminations, not during the 2 championship matches.  It's the one of Fille [not Younghusband] Cainglet saving the ball.  I was on single frame and manual focus.  Maybe I was lucky.  Maybe I was at the right place at the right time.  One thing was 4 sure, I was IN the game.  As far as I'm concerned, in sports photojournalism - It's either U get the shot or U don't.  No 2 ways about it.

No fancy tricks, methods, "trade secrets" or what have U for me.
Sa akin [as my header goes]    --- Diskarte ---

And again --
To the Lady Eagles -- Charo, Cara, Bea, Karla, Aerieal, Kesinee, Gretchen, Fille, Dzi, DenDen, Bea, Ella, Jem, Alyssa, Aillysee, Amy [get well soon], Mona + Coach Clint & Staff  --  U truly deserve the Championship !!  Keep In Shape & Stay Pretty .

brosi gonzales

Love Thy Work

I met Rikki Flores early 2010, at a UAAP softball match in UST [she played for UP].  In the ensuing game dates I took a lot more shots, than usual, of her on & off the diamond,  She is one pretty girl.  Come the Fil Oil Flying V Pre Season Basketball Tournament on April-June of that year, Erika [her real name] was a courtside reporter.  I engaged her in small talk occasionally, to nurture my acquiantance.  Course, I continued taking photos of Rikki once in a while.  Then, one fine day in June of  2010 - while she was preping for an interview w Kiefer Ravena just outside the dug out - her director was doing a sound check and a camera white balance reading - I took this photo.  It has remained my best Rikki Flo Portrait, so far, -- Hopefully, I can make a better one someday.

Besides having captured her charm, [again], I realized how much she loves her work.  As they say in the vernacular "love na love niya ang trabaho niya".  And 4 that I am so very happy for Rikki.

Suffice it to say, Rikki & I have one thing in common.

I Love My Job.

brosi gonzales

Black & White & Color Film Negatives

One of my favorite photos of all time is a LIVE Concert Image of  Perf de Castro. This was when Bamboo, Rico Blanco, Perf de Castro and [correct me if I'm wrong] Mark Escuetea, man, that was a long time ago, were known as River Maya.

This time, obviously, artificial light was used.  Again, I used 35mm Kodak Tri-X Black & White Film, processed it [pushed the film, as in altered the processing time], & TREATED the Black &White Negatives MANUALLY with "certain chemicals", as in, I used a toothpick & a small Triple Zero Paintbrush to apply the "chemicals" on the film surface..  In short, the Black & White Negative ended up with "hues of color" -- I actually hand painted a 24mm x36mm Film Negative -- and I had only chance to make it right, w/ my favorite Perf de Castro pic nonetheless!!, cos the "chemicals {it'a certain kind of paint}were permanent -- the negative would have become opaque if I put too many layers.

A lot of Trial & Error & Persistence did pay off because I came up with a few more favorite postworthy photos of this kind -- which I'll probably release sometime in the future.

[Course, I had to let the "chemicals" dry up] Rushed to my favorite ANALOGUE photo shop & had an album size colored test print done.  Had an [8 x10] color print blow-up done. Bragged about it for a while among my friends -- Luckily, Perf de Castro himself ordered a [16 x 20] color print done --  Perf did use the image in his web site for some time -- He might have a new banner pic now.  Had my orig [8 x 10] print scanned, hence the JPEG file.

What happened to my "Black & White & Colored" 35mm negatives ??  All of them were destroyed in a flood but at least I was able to scan my favorite pieces.

BTW, guys, this is only my 2nd post -- Welcome to my blog !

brosi gonzales

God's Light

The Sun is God's Light.  We should never take it for granted.  Let's all Love it.

It is the most important tool in my photography.  I have experience in studio photography and enjoy shooting  LIVE performances, not to mention sporting events like basketball & volleyball  --  but using sunlight, specially for my portraiture ?? Love It !! Wether it be the first kiss of dawn or the harsh radiation of noon or the fickle touch of dusk. One can't control the sun's light but one can manipulate it, diffuse it, reflect it, spread it, soften it, filter it to paint wonderful images.

I won a Canon Photo Contest Asia Honorable Mention Award for this Black & White Portrait. [I used 35mm Kodak ASA 400 Tri-X FILM, processed the film, printed the photo]  [Years back - when film was the norm]. I used available light.

brosi gonzales