Saturday, June 25, 2011

From LCD to Football Field

Sometime late last March, I, alongside several members of the media and Azkal manager Dan Palami, Coach Michael Weiss and PFF President Nonong Araneta - were  gathered around a laptop [that was around sometime 4:30 p.m.- of the opening day of the Suzuki U-23 Nationals at U.P., Los Banos]   awaiting the results of the official draw which would determine the next opponent of the Azkals in the World Cup Qualifying Rounds.  With bated breath, we waited and anticipated, in real time, for the results.  Soon enough, the Sri Lankan flag appeared beside the Filipino flag. [third from bottom]  So the writers all started composing their articles, after which . . .


. . .a few Q & As between Mr. Palami, Coach Weiss, Mr. Araneta and the media followed.  As for me, I took a few more photos,  unwound , then took the trip home with some media colleagues.

Front - Left to Right:
A rep from Suzuki [Suzuki shirt], Eilleen Esteban,Suzuki PR Officer [fuschia cap & bag],
Mia Domingo [printed blouse], Celeste Flores [blue blouse], TJ "Balita"[yellow shirt], 
KC CRuz [white printed shirt]

Rear - Left to Right:
AJ Bolando [black shirt], Team Manager D. Palami, Coach M. Weiss,  PFF Head N. Araneta,
Sid Ventura  [w/ glasses], Diego de la Paz [blue shirt],  Mark Escarlote [light blue shirt]

In about a few days from now, the Azkals will be slugging it out in the "away" game at Sri Lanka, and next weekend, July 3, will battle the same Sri Lankan team in the "home" game at the Rizal Memorial.  There isn't much for me to say at this point. I'm just as excited as everyone else.  Just have to be ready.

brosi gonzales

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