Monday, March 26, 2012


Better Than Sex ?

What The ??
Whatever these athletes, sprawled on the ground, 
just had must have been better than sex.
They seem satiated, satisfied, sweaty - exhausted but blissfully happy
[Whew!], with naughty smiles on their faces -
and it looks to me like they'd gladly have more.

- Whatever -

brosi gonzales

Thursday the 9th - Part 2

UAAP Men's Football Tournament
Round 2

February 9, Thursday
Ateneo Campus

Tamaraws Meet the Maroons

 Rookie Alandel Domekyas [#18] matches football skills 
against another rookie, Michael Simms [#29],

 as NiA'o Fuentes [#13] takes a flanking position.

 - Come to Papa ! -
Papa, being, Tamaraw Keeper Ronnie Aguisanda

 - Vet vs vet -
Nathan Octavio [#11] vs Dexter Chio [#10]

 Jay Eusebio [#13] tries to make life miserable for Saekyoul Lee [#6] of FEU.

- No time to be conscious of the crowd -
Nathaniel de Guzman [#15] of UP heads the ball.

- Nobody Does It Better -
than You-Know-Who
[12 frame sequence]

- Jinggoy Valmayor on Cloud 9 -

Need I Say More ?

UP-2    FEU-0

brosi gonzales