Saturday, July 23, 2011

Siblings [I Forgot Their Names]

 Heaven Sent

All I remember of these two flaxen haired cherubims is their nationality.
They are Danes.  Their mom, [whose name I've also forgotten] who comissioned me to do their family portraits [at San Lo in Makati], was a high ranking officer in the Danish embassy in Manila.

Maybe, when I get that proficient with Adobe, I might just add a pair of little wings on each of these girls' backs.  Just Maybe.  

FYI, this is another JPEG from a scanned [8 x 10] analogue color print.  The raw material used was 35mm color negative film.  Camera was a Nikon N90 35mm SLR. Crafty use of available outdoor light [my Favorite] brought life to this image.

P.S. Got Lots & Lots of analogue portraits from my archive, and will be posting favorites randomly.

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Angry Birds [Part 3] The Phenom Dunks

July 23, Saturday

ADMU - 73    UE - 61

The Big "K" slams.
Although Kiefer scored only 4 points in the last quarter 
 [he totalled 13 in the game], this one-hander, of a fastbreak in the 4th, 
brought the house down.

True Warrior.
Paul Zamar frustrates Ateneo's big big, Slaughter, on this first half sequence.
Zamar topscored for UE with 13 while Slaughter topscored for Ateneo with 18.
Greg converted on only 4 of his 11 charities and took 10 boards.
Monfort, Ateneo's shortest man, had 6 rebounds.

The effectiveness of the Blue Eagle offense is predicated on Sharp Defense..
Here, Sumalinog intercepts a pass to Montelibano resulting in an Ateneo fasbreak.  Once Ateneo gets its fastbreaks going, you're goose is cooked.

UE managed to keep apace with ADM during the first half, even leading by a point on several occasions. The 2nd quarter ended with the Eagles ahead by only 3. Come the 3rd, the boys from Loyola increased their lead and were able to enter the 4th quarter with a 9-point cushion.

Impact player Quami Tiongson eludes Zamar then Noble for a sure one.
Quami had 8 markers while John had 11.

Here, Red Warrior Chris Javier gets control of the ball,
courtesy of a swipe by Adrian Santos on Nico Salva.
Salva scored 10 points plus 3 boards. 
while Javier had 11 points plus 9 boards in the match.
Adrian Santos, UE's 2nd best rebounder with 7, accumulated 7 points.

I got caught stealing this one.
No biggy  -- No harm, no foul.

Ang sarap maging Atenista [o bunsong kapatid ng Atenista].

Some notable stats:
                                     ADMU                       UE
Field goal %             25/67 = 37.3%           25/66 = 37.9%           
Rebounds                         47                           44
Free Throws              22/32 = 68.8%           7/11 = 63.6%
Starter scoring                   59                           19
Bench scoring                    14                           42
Total fouls                         12                           28
Steals                               5                             1 
Fastbreak points                19                            4

Quarter scoring:
                           1st       2nd       3rd       4th
ADM                     16         12        23        22           =73
UE                       14         11        14        22           =61

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Problem [NOT] Solved

July 23, Saturday

--- All text still to follow.---


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Siblings [Inigo & Vanessa]

How I wish my nephew and neice [both in high school]  were both rabid UAAP basketball fans like me so that every July to October every year we could have lots of bonding opportunities. 

Nace [Inigo] once told me basketball sucks - well, whatever - He's just not into it.  He is a promising soccer player AND will probably be a UAAP college rookie next School Year 2012-2013 at what UAAP university ?  That remains to be seen.  

I've pretty much documented [from the very first beginners class in football up to his present day FIFA matches] his evolution as a footballer and come his freshman year at college, watching him play in the UAAP will be real treat for me.  

UAAP soccer has it's own following, probably even its own mini-culture - the same with UAAP basketball or NCAA or even V-League volleyball. But watching in Araneta, especially when it's a Final Four or Championship basketball match with around 10,00 or more screaming fans  -- that simply doesn't happen in UAAP footaball.

Vanessa meanwhile, is in to baking [like her mom, my sister-in-law] and seems to have a passion for styling/make up, [U know, that sort of thing].

Well, whatever they're up to and whatever stuff they end up doing they will always have some wonderful photos.  

The shot above is a July, 2001, portrait takem in Bulacan, in their grandparents' residence.  The photo is from my archive of 35mm film portarits.

brosi gonzales

Tamaraws - Warriors Encounter

July 21,Thursday

The FEU Tamaraws seem to be developing a habit of starting slowTheir opening match vs La Salle on July 10 saw the Archers gain early momentun, only to succumb to the veteranship of the Morayta boys.  Last July 16, this tendency cost them dearly - the Falcons jumped the gun on them in the early goings, and even if the expected resurgence of Coach Flores' boys brought down a once formidable Adamson lead down to four - The Tamaraws simply lost their touch in the end game so it went to the Falcons.

Versus the Red Warriors, it was the same pattern once again - But, fortunately for FEU, their bench totally outclassed their UE counterparts by 18 markers
[44 to 26].  From a measly 6 pt. output in the first quarter, they poured in 24 points in the second, 25 in the third, and 21 in the fourth, while they held down UE to 9 points in the second, 7 points in the third, and 19 points in the fourth.

Exciminiano, Tolomia, Escoto put in 12. 9, and 8 points respectively while the usual higher scorers Cawaling, Romeo, Garcia, and Ramos followed with 8, 7, 7, and 6 points respectively.

UE veteran Paul Zamar, played only 15 minutes, missed all his 4 three-pointers and his one 2-point field goal attempt.  He made only 2 markers from the foul line.  

Some notable stats:
                                                 FEU                                 UE
Field Goal %         25/71 = 35.2%                 16/63 = 30.2%
Rebounds                     46                                  48
Free Throws          12/15 = 80%                     9/18 = 505
Inside Points                34                                  32
Perimeter points           22                                   4
Turnover Points             29                                   9
Bench Points                44                                  26

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