Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lady Falcons Shred Lady Eagles


   July 31, Sunday

Adamson, outhustling Ateneo all game long, took 13 more shot attempts
[79 to 66] than their opponents yesterday and managed so much better from the field  [31.6% to 27.3%] thus winning with lots to spare [69-45].

Anna Buendia, #17, Adamson's scoring leader, hit 14 markers, with a 42.9% 2-point field goal clip.  She clawed 14 boards too.  JPEG above shows a rattled Elrica Castro, #7, and Denise Tiu, #5, of Ateneo in one failed offensive set.

Lady Eagle Sarah Mercado also made 14 points on 40% 2-point  field goal shooting.   Jezza Terazo of Adamson is seen above defending Mercado.

A Lady Eagle tries an undergoal stab against three Lady Falcons.
Her jersey number looks like #9, so she must be Therese Estrada.

Rookie Danica Jose, #21, gets into a sweet spot for a twinner.
She scored double figures [10 pts.] and took down 11 boards
[9 of which were offensive].

 Sami Bo-ot, [a sophomore] #12, was perfect from the field, 
converted all her three 2-point attempts.

 Corinne Javier, #8, scored two points in 8 minutes on the floor.

Denise Tiu, #5, managed 3 boards, 4 points, a steal and an assist.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beyond the Obvious

Behind-the-Scenes Last July 28

Finding INTERESTING stories within stories or pictures within pictures may be easier said than done.  One has to go the extra mile by --->being a little more observant, "listening" to people when they are not speaking, taking pictures when others have put turned off their cameras, noticing the seemingly insignificant, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary,
looking for the stuff inside the stuff.
As they say in the vernacular "diskartihan mo".

Pic above taken at Rizal after the Philippine loss to Kuwait last July 28.
Look at the Philippine  Flag -- What do you see ?

Liz Weiss hamming it up at the post match dinner.

A media colleague of mine, Jerome, a news photographer,
expresses his halftime sentiments.

Everybody was prepared for the rains this time.  A photographer stands ready with his tools of the trade. 

It is a proven fact that if one has the most expensive state of the art equipment on hand,  THAT DOES NOT GUARANTEE
that he will have the BEST pictures of an event.

GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY is not so much having the best tools,  
it is more of using whatever tools one has in the best, 
most creative manner possible.

brosi gonzales

Who Dares Wins

July 30, Saturday
A won game lost or a lost game won ?
It depends if you're from FEU or UST.

It could have been UST's second overtime game and FEU's first,  but it wasn't meant to be. The bitter end came fast, for the Tigers, that is.  After managing the Tamaraws for over three quarters, Pido's boys succumbed to the pressure and faltered during crunch time.  Tiger Jeric Teng's season high 23 went to naught while Tamaraw Cris Tolomia's last three points [he totalled 10 in the game] just was enough for the Tamaraws to win a lost game. 

Even I was a micro second too late when I pressed my shutter.
The ball was already out of frame.
Shooting a poor 2 out of 7 from 3-point land, Mr. T,
Cris Tolomia, scored when it mattered the most -
breaking a tie with 2.8 seconds left in the match.

The Tigers came out Growling and kept the Tamaraws at bay for three quarters and a half - until Bert's boys slowly imposed their will on the game.  Pido's charges had lost their touch whilst still being very agressive and going for the high percentage drives in the 4th quarter. 

 Rookie versus Veteran.
Kevin against Aldrich.

Karim Abdul, despite his gutsy moves managed only three for the night.  But I admire the guyThing is, he will have more opportunities in UST's next 9 or so elimination matches.  Go for it Karim!

It was the night when the two Jerics totalled 39 points together. Fortun contributed 16 while Teng put in 23.

In the end game Teng kept his agressiveness -
but the Tamaraws defended him well.
This is Teng's last drive-in attempt of the match.

After RR Garcia tied the match at 57-all, Teng's careless throw in resulted in an Exciminiano interception and point blank shot right in front of Teng !

Jeric Fortun, with nerves of steel, retaliated to forge a deadlock
at 59 apiece [and possible overtime] with exactly 24 seconds left !!
This then set the stage for Tolomia's corner three.

The UST Faithful whooping it up, expecting a huge upset over their neighbors from Morayta.  But as the saying goes - It's not over til it's over -
and this one went to the Tamaraws.

 No Words.

The Unsaid.

brosi gonzales

Five In A Row

July 30, Saturday

 Ateneo got of to a sluggish start while UP drained three straight treys.
When Monfort, above, challenging Mba, got into his groove, sometime in the 2nd Quarter, as a co-photgrapher whispered to me after the game,
"UP lost the game".  At one point he drained a three, stole the ball from U.P. in the ensuing play, then scored on a lay up.

 Once the Eagles started soaring, the Maroons unraveled.
Their perimeter shots started rimming out and Ateneo's bigs started controlling the boards, and the boys in blue started running circles around their Katipunan neighbors.  Ateneo outscored U.P.  23 to 10 in the 2nd 15 to 12 in the 3rd, and 20 to 14 in the 4th Quarters.
Ateneo won by 20 [77-57].

 Fighting Maroon Carlo Gomez in an early loose ball situation.
Losing his cool in the 2nd half, Carlo Gomez, resorted to hitting one of the Ateneo players.  
This was seen by the refs and Gomez was ejected from the game.

Jose, "Jett", Manue,#6, managed only 8 points - same as Mike Silungan 
[whose percentages have'nt been up to par in recent games].
Nobody made double figures in scoring for UP. 

The Ateneo cheerleaders had every reason to smile. 
Their team is the team to beat.
If you would ask Coach Black about his team's level of play, he'll readily admit that his team is not yet performing at peak level.
[Championship Level is what he probably means].
I can't wait.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Good Fight

July 28, 2011

Some of my favorite images from the match.

low res

lower res

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Recognize This Actress ?

She's big girl now.  She's also the daughter of another famous actressYears ago,  I was comissioned by a lifestyle glossy to do the little girl's portraits [35mm film] at their Q.C. residenceHer Mom, my sometime crush, was quite hospitable and the little one was quite simpatica.  This, of course, made it easier for me to shoot the 90 or so frames.  [Now a part of my private collection]

If mommy jumped in the pool that day,  woulda've gladly shot more  - for free.

Who is she ?

brosi gonzales

Angry Birds [Part 3] Tigers for Merienda

July 24, Sunday

Last July 16, Saturday, vs. the Tamaraws, the Firey Falcons got of to a great start and never looked back.  As I stated, they had Tamaraws for lunch.  This time around, on a rainy Sunday afternoon at the Philsports Arena -
 they had Tigers for merienda.  Adamson beat UST [81-71].

In Rythm

With Authority.

With Aplomb.

 Outta Synch.

In Control

With Confidence.

Bad day at the office.

Lester Alvarez smilingly gestured for me to immortalize their 
Falcon Pride in a Fab Four photo,

Like a Father to a Son.

Yes, it cuts like a knife.

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