Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekend # 6 - Part 4

Side Trip

February 12, Sunday Morning at Rizal Staudium

Before proceeding to the Arena for the last two Ladie's Volleyball Matches of the Elimination Round of the UAAP - Decided to take some images of the DLSU-ADM and UST-UP UAAP 2nd Round Baseball Matches at Rizal. Caught the tail end of the UST-UP match which was won by the Tigers.  Stayed just a few minutes during the DLSU-ADM match then rushed to San Juan.  Here are a few shots from those 2 games.

The Defending Champion Tigers beat the UP Maroons -
[some 12 JPEGs follow below]

- while the Green Archers upset league leaders Ateneo 
Wasn't there to finish the game, though [found out later that evening].
[9 images follow]

Had the chance to make the acquiantance of Arsenic Laurel and wife Crispy, who make the time to support their 2 sons in the DLSU Team and another son, Matt, who plays for ADMU.  Noticed that "Sen", as some of his friends call him was wearing a sports tee with Blue and Green stripes.  I had the pleasure of showing Arsenic and Crispy an old [circa 1993] portrait of two of their boys, who I did location shots of for Lifestyle Asia then.  [At that time 35mm Color Transparencies was the norm when shooting  for glossy mags].  Good ice-breaker, if I might add.  Definitley, a 2012 version of the Laurel boys
[available light portraits - of course] is on my sports calendar.

 Matt Laurel
[a reposted image from a previous entry]

Even had a brief chat with a balikbayan couple, Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Suero [below], Jose, being a former UP Baseball player way back in the 50s.  Jesus now practices Internal Medicine & Diagnosis - Lung Disease & Critical Care Medicine [at least, that's what his card reads] in Wichita, Kansas. 

I do know for a fact that baseball was introduced by the Americans, and before World war II, was quite popular in Manila - Well, circumstances changed all that - the War came - and basketball slowly gained popularity and  eventually became the Numero Uno sport here.

 Jesus and his wifey [as per my rough estimate] must be well on their way to their 40th to 50th Wedding Anniversary. That's a  huge deal.  Anyway, this May, my parents are celebrating their 63rd Wedding Anniversary.  And they're in generally Good Health - Yup, Bigger Deal.

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