Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Tit For Tat

The Stare Down and the Tongue Wag

After one of the last 4 DLSU-ADM UAAP Ladie's Volleyball matches a friend of mine asked me if I saw Michele Gumabao's stare down at Alyssa Valdez [after the former had blocked the latter]. I said that I didn't notice because all game long my focus is my composition and timing.  It is only after careful scrutiny of my game files [usually at home] do I get to evalauate the overall quality of my photos - and segregate the better ones [Images that are Technically AND Artistically Sound] from the forgettables. - and hopefully get pleasantly surprised repeatedly.

It's April now - and only a few hours ago, as I was selecting JPEGs to be compressed for my next blog posts that I discovered a Gumabao stare down photo and discovered that Denden Lazaro has her own psy tactics too.

If Michele Gumabao can do a Stare Down -

I say it's all part of the psy wars in the Big Games. I personally don't take issue with those "antics" as long they're not "overdone" and that competing athletes from both sides make peace after every match - and move on.

- Denden Lazaro can do a Tongue Wag.

We all know who won the Championship.  No biggy, though, 4 me, featuring the last 6 UAAP Ladie's Volley Games I watched [->last 2 elim games NU-UP & DLS-ADM  /   ->knockout match - ADM-UST  /  and the ->3 Finals matches between ADM-DLS]  even after a month after it has all ended - as long as I maintain the Quality Control of my JPEGs.

FYI - All JPEGs in my posts are compressed files
 [Original file sizes going as high as 7-8 MB].

And, Yes, I Root For The Ateneo Lady Eagles
- but allow me -
Congratulations to the Lady Archers !
You're Welcome Anytime -> Irving !

brosi gonzales

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