Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekend # 6 - Part 6B

Game Time
[22 Action Photos]

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 [This is one of my favorite photos, craftily composed,  from the match]

- Captain vs Captain -
Cha wins this one.

 League MVP Candidate "Abi" [as some of her friends call her] Marano

 takes on Fille and "Gretch".

- Fire In The Ho !! -
Gretchen Attacks.

 Alyssa !
[above & below]

 Mika Reyes - Panis !

 - Ho vs Cruz and Marano -

- Straight & True -
- Marano vs Ferrer and Ho -

 - Coach Ramil -

- Not what Coach de Jesus wants to see -

Cainglet is too quick for Galang and Marano in this sequence.

 See you at the net !

- It's All In The Timing -
Mika Reyes defends -

 - to no avail.

- Point for the Lady Eagles -

[More action images follow in the next post]

brosi gonzales

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