Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekend # 6 - Part 6D

Sweet Sweep

Alyssa Valdez is smothered by rookie Ara Galang and veteran Abigail Marano.

 Gorayeb's girls lose their legs in the 5th.
They simply fumble their receives time and again.

 Although out of frame, that's Gretchen Ho being blocked by Cha Cruz.
[I can tell by the two wrist bands and the tape on the left hand fingers]

 The Queen Archer, Cha Cruz, seen here w/ a defensive stance.

 Gem Ferrer gets caught flat footed.


 Losing Always Sucks !

- Mixed Emotions ? -

All is not lost.  The Lady Eagles maintain Solo Second and have the
Twice-To-Beat vs either FEU, AdU or UST, the three teams still having to go through the step ladder format to determine who gets a crack at Ateneo.

brosi gonzales

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