Saturday, April 7, 2012

Portraits of Marga

From Alabang to Ateneo to Al-Jazeera

{JSYK [Just so you'll know], between Ateneo and Al-Jazeera
 there should be GMA-7 and PROBE, but hey, 
it'll disrupt the flow of the three As in the title}

Met young Marga Ortigas way back when she was in Woodrose High [she was a friend of a first cousin of mine].  From Woodrose High she went on to finish a Comm Course at the Ateneo  and moved on to do news for GMA-7, and also became a member of the PROBE Team [headed by CheChe Lazo].  Never really kept track or touch with her [actually never got close to her] so I was just pleasantly surprised, one day, to find out that she was with Al-Jazeera.

No matter, that was just some trivia to help transition into these portraits - which I took of her at her res in  Ayala Alabang.  Things is , I did eventualy have 2 portrait shoots with her. The first was a one-on-one/solo shoot - the second was with her friends Patricia Evangelista and Leah Caringal.

That's her good friend, Patricia Evangelista, standing [who also finished a
 Comm Course at Ateneo - last I heard she was in New York].
Patricia's the type to dye her hair fuschia, aqua blue or whatever 
color fancies her - wouldn't be surprised if she has body piercings now.


 Marga loved M & Ms.

Marga was still with GMA-7 when I had the two portrait shoots. I was in-house photographer for a weekly then [I was provided a dark room where I got to process and print ALL my Black & White Film work].

During those "Film Days", I'd usually take at least a hundred shots  [Color & Black & White versions combined] [per session] of my subjects  - and it did reach as much as 150 upwards [depending on the situation].  Yes, those were the days - "Talagang Babad" ako sa portraiture.  BTW, the shots with Marga were personal shoots, NOT an assignments.

JPEGs above are from scanned [3x5] analogue prints - surface imperfections and scratches left as is.  Have a lot more angles of Marga - seated/barefoot/full body shots etc. - but at present can't find them [so I can scan them] - Well, maybe when I get to sort out my archives again.

Soon Enough
brosi gonzales

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