Saturday, April 7, 2012

Archive Pic

Army  vs  Arirang
- Ready Or Not Here I Come -

- Keeper pointing / Attacker dribbling / Ball in play /
Referee keeping pace /  Background clear -
Well crafted image - If I may say so

Took this photo at the Ateneo High School Football Fields [I can't even remember what league it was I was shooting at that time, anymore] using a Nikon D-60 DSLR [what a disappointment] complemented by a manual focus 300mm telephoto lens.  One can say, I was a "wanting to become a real sports photojournalist" when this image was taken [late 2008].

 Fourtunately, Now, I can say that I AM indeed a bona fide / legit / honest-to-goodness sports photojournalist. Have earned a few stripes here and there - and continue to do so - but it is never enough - one simply has to keep at it relentlessy.  That's the only was to succeed.

brosi gonzales

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