Friday, December 30, 2011

Random - 104

Pretty Hairy Situations

Once upon a time, I worked for a daily as a news photographer.  After 45 days, the daily fired me [to my relief]. News photography isn't my strong suite - it never was.  Cannot handle the risk involved.  In real news photojournalism, one has to work, occasionally, in extremely unfavorable conditions, sometimes under extreme duress [hostage crisis, floods, earthquakes, rallies and the like], and can get into some pretty hairy situations [lottsa crazies out there].
I'm very comfortable with Sports and Portraiture/Lifestyle, which is relatively safe but, mind you, in both fields I've gotten into some pretty hairy situations too.  Take a look at these random images from my files.

Krissie D
[Digital photo]

Bing Bing P
[35mm Kodak Black & White film used]

Ateneo vs UP -- UAAP Season 73 Football Tournament
[Digital photo]

Elia C
[35mm Fuji color negative film used]

Rachel Anne D
[Digital photo]

Alex G
[35mm Fuji Color Negative film used]

- Matt T -
[Digital photo]

- Jed M -
[Digital photo]

- CG -
[35mm Kodak Black & White film used]


A most significant image in this post.
[A Canon Asia Award Winner]
Used it for my First Ever post in this blog, last June 13.
[35mm Kodak Black & White film used]

- A photography beginner's portrait of a neighbor -
[Dianna Lynn Brown, from Dyess, Texas]
[taken w/ 35mm Fuji color negative film]
I made my first attempst at portraiture while I was working inside the biggest U.S. Air Force Military Facility in South East Asia, a long time ago. Then, I was employed by an Architectural Firm in Manila, which just happened to have a tie-up with the U.S. Military. [I worked with a Filipino and an American Architect and lived in the base for three months] Suffice it to say - it was at that stage of my "so-called architectural career" where I decided to pursue photography. 

 A decision that I have NEVER regretted. 

Have said that -
Let me post a JPEG of my favorite hairy cartoon character
 -> Yosemite Sam.


--*%3@ .!!=+<# "

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