Friday, December 30, 2011

Knockout Game

December 18 - Sunday
Araneta Coliseum

Win or Go Home

Powerade Tigers Oust B-Meg Llamados
in Overtime
[131 - 123]

- Stuff happens -

 JV Casio's bad fall adds to Perasol's problems -
His team can't seem to make any headway 
against B-Meg, who leads them at the half by 10,
and maintains control over the match, entering the 4th.

 [Fortunately, it actually looks worse than it really is -
Casio is able to return. He scores 6 points in the 4th Qtr where
Powerade scores 37 while B-Meg manages only 28 points.
Regulation ends at 115-all.

- Emotions running high -
Celino Cruz [far right] has had enough and charges
to take on Joshua Urbiztondo [left, in white]
but cooler heads prevail.

Cruz eventually is thrown out while Urbiztondo remains.

But enough of that, here are some randomly arranged
uncaptioned low res game photos -

For Top Seed B-Meg it turns out to be a "Won game Lost".
 -And it couldn't have come at a worse time -

And as I stated in my opening text  - Stuff happens.

-Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers -
One can probably afford a few, during the first three quarters,
but at the end game - turnovers can be become Killer game changers.

And it's all Powerade needs to fuel it's most dramatic 
[37 pts in the 4th] comeback win so far, this Season 37.
[In a Knockout Game, at that!]

When the extension starts, the shoe is on the other foot.
What happens next is no surprise to all.
 Marcio Lassiter [#13-above], like Rommel Adducul,
manages only 2 points in the 4th Qtr but
Doug Kramer drills in 6, JV Casio, likewise, scores 6 and
while unsung hero Joshua Valandingham hits 8 
Gary David rips the bottom of the net with 13.

 - Who Let This Doug [#18] out ?

 - JV Casio [#12] does his part. -

Joshua Vanlandingham, too, deserves a photo in this post but unfortunately I just don't have a decent shot of Mr.V - hopefully I'll get a good one of Joshua soon, say early January ?

 But we all know the Hot Hit Man who Finished the Llamados.


Final   --  Powerade -131    B-Meg-123

- Meanwhile, on the other side of the court - - -

The King's loyal subjects [B-Meg/JamesYap fans]
are stupefied and dumbfounded - their top-seeded team 
has just been beaten twice in a row and eliminated by the bottom seed.

After photographing the B-Meg fans I manage to kindly request a snap of
Jed Montero [Powerade Tiger James Martinez' girlfriend], at ringside.
She is one happy Powerade Follower.

- Bo's Boys Whoop It Up !! -
- They Have Just Given Themselves A X'mas Gift Money Can NEVER Buy -

- Ibang Klase -

brosi gonzales

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