Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bad Boy

Baller Behaving Badly

 Now, Tell me -  Who wouldn't be peeved with this kind of foul ? 

Fouling with a follow-through, in typical Beau Belga style.  No wonder, even "Cool Cat" Mike Cortez [wearing white, being hit on the back of his head] wanted to give Belga a few knuckle sandwiches after this sequence.

 Here, the angry Cortez asks for a flagrant

while pointing at Belga, who tries to act "innocently" [Whatta Jerk!].
Cortez eventually had to be restrained from "venting his anger" at #30, 
but fortunately [or unfortunately], cooler heads prevailed.

Fact is, the Dec.16 incident was the FOURTH [4th] time an opposing baller ended up wanting to "teach Belga a lesson".  Now, the 3 photos below were taken last Oct.16 after the Rain or Shine vs Meralco match where, this time, it is Asi Taulava who's had enough of Belga's bad behavior and also had to be restrained from getting to Belga. [It was one of the first three Belga-related incidents I witnessed --> the fourth one being the Dec.16th-Cortez foul]. I Don't have photos of the first three, though.
Fortunately [or unfortunately] cooler heads prevailed
 in the Oct.16 incident.


 "Mr. Most Unpopular/Most Disliked, Beau Belga, has left the building".

The Powerade vs Rain or Shine Best-of-Seven Series commences on
January 4, Wednesday.   
Can't wait.

brosi gonzales

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