Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekend # 5 - Part 2

UAAP Women's Footaball Tournament
Round 2
February 5, Sunday
Ateneo Campus

Lady Archers Score Two - Blank  Lady Maroons 

Totally miss the 1st half of the match, plus the two goals of DLSU !, but was able manage some decent action shots in the 2nd.  Below is an 8 frame sequence with Kaira Dimatulac [#10-maroon] trying to control the ball while being harassed by Tasha Alquiros [#17-white].

 The girls' locks bouncing in mid-air make for great elements in the photos.
Who you rooting for ? - The braided one or the spiked one ??

 Yeah !!, nothing quite exciting as Girl-on-Girl Action ! [of the football variety, that is].  With the likes of exotic looking Tasha A. and fair skinned-freckle-faced Kaira D. -  Just gotta capture it dudes.  

Tricia Espino joins the party ,makes it a threesome, 
and clears the ball away from Dimatulac.

More Girl-on-Girl Action - 
Katherine Orsolino [#5-maroon] is challenged by Pia Bravo [#12-white].
[5 frame sequence follows]

Rookie of the Year Cristina de los reyes [#6-maroon] is doubled by
Pia Bravo [#12] and Tricia Espino [#18].
[5 frame sequence below]

 - Clear !!! -
The UP phalanx of Clara Poblador [#18], Monica Manalansan [#9], 
Hope Solis [#2], Katherine Orsolino [#5], and an unidentified Maroon 
make sure scoring threat Cha Guancia [#11-white]doesn't score.

 Dominique "Nicky" Scott [#14] clashes with Kaira Dimatulac [#10]
[above & below]

 - Ooomphh !! -
Miel Ampil regains control as Cristina de los Reyes eats dirt.

 Team Captain Sam Nierras [#7]  is confronted by Stellina Cataluna [#3]

Meryll Mae Ledesma [#3] faces of with the UP keeper.

- Captain Down -

Geia Barrido [#13] has a few words of encouragement
for her shaken Captain - Kaira D.

Feet-Check, Shind-Check, Knee-Check, Hips-Check,
Torso-Check, Hands-Check, Elbows-Check, Shoulders-Check, Neck-Check
- Lastly - - Head, still in place - Check !

[5-photo sequence follows below]

 Aauws - Sigh ! tsk - tsk  How sweet naman.  
No Disgruntled Coaches - Hair Pulling - Dagger looks-
 Bad Blood - Shouting of Unprintables - Throwing of Gatorade Bottles??
What The  ?!*6%=+@":><?^!)# $(}

Two of the seven images below [this is the complete mini-photo shoot] have already been posted in a previous entry. Choose Tasha and Pia  because they scored a goal apiece for DLSU.

I manage to make time, literally a few seconds, for Tasha Alquiros and Pia Bravo [both in their last playing year] just before having to rush to the adjacent field to shoot the other ongoing football match that Sunday.

 - Winning Smiles -

To Tasha and Pia - Thanks for the few secs.

brosi gonzales

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