Thursday, March 15, 2012


Classic Kiefer

Way back Sept.16, 2010, during the UAAP Juniors Basketball Finals Series [Game #2] I was focusing on Kiefer Ravena as he was trying to make a move from the right shoulder [as in the 5 o'clock position facing the goal] whilst being defended by a UST Tiger Cub.  He then faked a jumpshot, his defender bit the fake and lunged towards him - so Kiefer simply waited for his defender [now out of position]  to start going down and then made his move -  I pressed my shutter [no motor drive] - a well timed unmolested J with a good look, perfect body control, controlled release - straight and true - Swak !! Nothing but net !!  2 points!

Used an old second-hand 105mm 2.4 fixed Nikkor Manual Lens to take this image.  The SLR body I used was a D60 [now a piece of junk - it's shutter stopped working after a year and a half - Lemon!!]

I say, if you're a REAL photographer, you should  be able to take great shots with manual focus, and not get too dependent on AF lenses.  As I've been repeatedly stating in posts previous - Learning to shoot with Film with all its limits  [Yeah baby - The School of Hard Knocks] and Manual Focus Lenses trained me in a way today's digital hardware [with all it's almost limitless features] can never do.

Months after this image was taken, I showed it to Ken Ti of Rebound Magazine.  Suffice it it to say, he was not impressed - he felt it was not printworthy - so nothing came of it.  He also stated that there were so many other photogs who were more than willing to have their choice photos printed by Rebound for free
That's his opinion - gotta respect it

How unprofessional can ya get ?
I say - Cheapskate.  That's my opinion - Gotta respect that too.

FYI, The Blue Eaglets won that 3-Peat in the game that followed the Sept.16 match.

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