Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 Long, Thick, Black Hair

Nine [3 x 5] analogue prints are all I have left [in my archive] from a 2-roll
[1 Color, 1 Black & White] [36 exposures per roll of 35mm film] shoot of this pretty Cebuana.  I shot these [using available light - my favorite - in a studio where strobes where at my disposal !] for a magazine years back.  [Yup - the good ol' days of Film Photography].  She had the longest and thickest locks among all the girls I've ever photographed and one of the most luscious set of lips too. 

Her portraits are one of my favorites [even though they are NOT one of of my better ones] -  simply because she was just very, very pretty, whilst her appeal was very subtle but strong.  She was nice too. She was the "hot-but-shy" type, well, at least, that's how I remember her. 

For me 'twas "work", likewise for her. She enjoyed being photographed while I had a great time honing my craft.  Getting paid to shoot pretty girls -  How could I NOT enjoy that ??

But enuff o that.  Here are two more of the nine.


And Yes, there's lots more where these came from.

brosi gonzales

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