Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend # 4 - Part 3

UAAP Men's football Tournament
Round 1
January 29, Sunday
Ateneo Campus

Last Year's Finalists [UP & UST] Meet Again

I'm a photographer, not a sportswriter - so I let my photos do the talking.

In the first half the athletes have to deal with the rain. I manage to get some pictures [have a camera "poncho"], but the images are too soft. By halftime the sky clears so I'm able to shoot these photos.

- New Blood - Fighting Maroon Michael Simms [#29] -

 Justin Depano [#19] vs Ojay Clarino [#9]
[4 frame sequence]

Fighting Maroon Ayi Nii Aryee vs an unidentified Tiger.

What can I say about Maroon Keeper Ty Caballes and the UP Defense?
They Take Care of Business - They Always Get The Job Done.

[Take a look at the 4-frame and 10-frame sequences that follow]

In photos are:
 Ty Caballes [#23] / Nino  Muros [#12 in maroon] /
Christian de Juan [#12 in white]

In photos are :
 Nino Muros [#12 in maroon] / Allen Serna [#16 in maroon] /
 Shirmar Felongco [#27 in white] / Ty Caballes [#23 in black]

A few more action photos - - -

Michael Simms vs Ronald Batisla Ong [#28-in white].

 - Tiger Reginald Caballero [#21] vs Maroon Nathan Octavio [#11] -
[above and below]

Holding fort on the other side, Tiger keeper Borrigas also gets the job done.
Here, Ayii Nii Aryee [#6] is shadowed bt Divino Regis [#6]
 who makes sure Borrigas controls.

- Battle of Attrition - Shind to Shind -
Tiger Shirmar Felongco vs Maroon Ayii Nii Aryee -

Final - [0-0]

Trivia:  Felongco 's first name is Shirmar NOT Shinmar, as the UAAP records have been mispelling ALL THESE YEARS.  His mother's name is SHIRley and he was born on a Tuesday [MARtes].  Ergo ---> SHIRMAR.

 I, too, was born on a Tuesday.  My mom's name is Lydia.  So, if my mom thought like
 Mrs. Felongco, I could have been named Lydmar. [Thank God she didn't]

Next Up -
Weekend # 4 -Part 4
 UP Lady Maroons vs the Ateneo Lady Eagles [Women's Football]

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