Sunday, March 4, 2012


86 + 89 + 62 = Big Love

Can't help it. Have to insert this post asap. Just gotta share [as usual, through photos] this particular sentiment. 

 My dad recently turned 86.  My mom will be 90 years old this July.  This May, my parents will celebrate their 63rd Wedding Anniversary.  Both of them are in generally good health.  Now, how big of a deal is that ?

- Teriyake Boy -86 years old / Teriyake Girl - 89 years old -

The other title I thought of for this post was "The Pride, The Patience, The Portait".Why so ?  There's a certain subdued sense of pride that I've felt in the past five years that I've been taking care of my parents [along with the support of my brother and his family].  Mind you, I never was the "good son" through high school, college, and the years after - but because of circumstances [as fate would have it] me and my brother have ended up caring for them [We have yaya for them too].  Sometimes I wish that I didn't have to deal with it, on the other hand - sometimes I feel honored to be able to serve my folks in a manner that I though could be even possible.  It is extremely difficult, extremely stressful at times, taking care [being very responsible] of two 80-plus parents who are experiencing their second childhood.  Grabe talaga - ibang klase. Tough, Tough, Tough.

 [My attitude towards the situation is -> It's neither good nor bad - Just gotta deal with it.]  Suffice it to say - we manage.

I am looking forward to My Parents' 62nd Wedding Anniversary this May and
 to My Mom's 90th birthday this July.

brosi gonzales

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