Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend # 4 - Part 1

UAAP Women's Volleyball Tournament
Round 2
January 28, Saturday

UE Lady Warriors Beat NU Lady Bulldogs in Five-Setter

20-25   25-26   21-25   25-9   15-9

Some Match Photos - - -

NU's Ivy Perez [#2] skies

but the D of UE's Shiesa Nebrida [#5] and Mary Cristel Rosale is Rock Solid.
Nebrida also scores 15 while Rosale adds 17 to combine for 32 points.
But it is UE's Sarina Bulan who tops ALL scorers with 21 points.

This time, Rosale catches the NU defenders flat-footed.
[3 frame sequence]

Bulldogs Carmina Aganon [#4] and Maricar Nepomuceno [#8] score of a block.

Maricar Nepomuceno's [left] turn to attack. As expected Nepomuceno leads the Bulldogs in scoring but does not get enough support from her team mates
to stop the Lady warriors.

The stats -

brosi gonzales

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