Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I Don't Do Flukes

- Stairwell -
[available light - NO fill-in flash]
Rizal Memorial

What might seem to be a nice, "lucky" "snapshot" is actually a well crafted photo.  Remember the other definition of LUCK --> "When preparation meets opportunity" ?? Am sure you've heard that one time or another.  Well, let me slowly lead you to my point - - -

In my recent photography lectures in Ateneo I've stressed the need to cultivate "creative habits".  Now, We all brush our teeth sev X daily  and bath at least once a day - right ?  Those are "hygienic habits".  By "creative habits" [at least in the context of photography] I mean simple exercises - which can help one visualize - imagine [if you may], images in one's mind - after all, that is where the creative process begins, course, with the help of ones eyes.

On a day to day basis, making the extra effort to observe one's sorroundings, as a whole, while at the same time looking four "visual cues", or rather, interesting details and elements singularly AND combined - can train one to notice things that others wouldn't even notice.  Then, and only then can one begin truly visualize ->imagine and/or conceive or even play with<- pictures in one's mind. Then, with constant visualization AND actual interpretation through photography or oil, water color or whatever medium - one can hone this skill.
Well, at least that's how it has worked [and still works] for me.  Others might have a different approach that works best - Great ! By all means keep on doing it.

So, on any given on -the-spot situation/scenario it easier [faster] for me to compose images in my mind way before I press the shutter release.  Even with my stolen shots, they are imagined and composed before the "theft".

In whatever type of photography - Sports photog', food photog', wedding photog', advertising photog' [here, ads can take weeks, even months to implement - It's the same process, [slower] and a lot more deliberate because of huge amounts of money are involved]  - Where does the creative process all start ??  From some dude's visualization -> in his mind.

Now, let me get back to the photo above -

After a recent UAAP softball match at the Rizal Stadium, I bumped into Thomasians JB Ballesteros and Isai Martinez at the lobby [amidst a crowd].  Noticing the light on the stairwell I knew I could create an interesting picture.  So I asked both guys and they obliged.  [Of course the laid back demeanor of JB and Isai mattered] Had them sit casually with the sunlight backlighting them and the stairwell, composed the image, did my manual settings, waited for the stairwell to clear - then clicked.  Simple photo, yes.  Tecnically Competent - Yes. Artistically Competent - Yes.  Blogworthy - Yes.

How else could I have shot JB and Isai more creatively at that moment ?? It don't matter now [I just did my best as far as that scenario was concerned] - What really matters is the next possible opportunity to create images in my mind and challenge my creativity.
BTW - Notice the top edge of the image is perfectly parallel to the top step of the stairs - That's not accidental. -  [Attention to light/details/elements AND crafty use of them bro].  So, As I said - try  to develope creative habits - constantly train your eye to see what others don't notice - Compose images in your mind - as a matter of habit.

Imagine, Imagine, Imagine - Compose, Compose, Compose - Eventually, if you're persistent enough - it'll pay off.  And if that's not enough - "that" meaning photographing what you see  - you might also start to learn to photograph what you feelAnd that, my friend - is REAL photography.  

 And B4 I bounce - here's another recent on-the-spot "snap",
this time, of my friends from Ateneo -

   Aimee Dacanay / Hannah Jo Uy / Arlet Coronado / Anne Malicdem

- Lunch On The Carpet -

brosi gonzales

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