Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Astig At Puso

Astig Talaga ang Talk & Text
Pero Iba Pa Rin Ang Pusong Powerade

Weeks ago I finished my first ever coverage of a PBA Conference - The Philippine Cup.  Course, UAAP will always be my favorite but somewhere along the way, after about a month or two shooting the Philippine Cup, I also got to like the PBA.  I had a favorite team, favorite players, and  a team that I got to dislike [not hate] very much, and one player who I  got to hate because of his style of play.  Suffice it to say,  had a few favorite moments captured digitally.

But looking back at the Finals Series where Talk & Text beat Powerade in 5 matches - What I can say is that - it was all good.  The Texters desrved to win.  They had awesome firepower in the persons of Fonacier, Castro, Peek, de Ocampo, they had great defensive smarts provided by Reyes [ he had 10 steals in game #5].  They had a great coach in Chot Reyes - They had experience too.  And as everybody expected they handily won over the Powerade Tigers.  

Maybe, if it was B-Meg or Rain or Shine vs the Texters - a more evenly matched Championship Series might have been fought. But - In the Playoffs - Bottom-seed Powerade eliminated [and surprised everybody] by eliminating the Top-seed, highly favored B-Meg Llamados in 2 straight wins [by that time I had already been a Powerade fan].  Then came the Best-of-Seven Semis between Rain or Shine and Powerade, where again, the Tigers overachieved and took down the favored Elasto Painters in seven excrutiating matches.

I'm sure losing to the Texters, and settling for Runner-Up, in that Game # 5 was tough on the Tigers, but in the first place, they should have been beat by B-Meg way back in the playoffs  and/or at least been eventually knocked out by Rain or Shine - but they managed to make it to the Finals to face a far more superior team.

And as my title goes - Astiga Talaga ang TnT - pero - 
Iba Pa Rin Talaga ang
 Pusong Powerade.

This image [which is how I choose to remember the Philippine Cup,] taken after Powerade knocked out B-Meg last Dec.18, 2011]will always be a favorite.
For me, those who have overachieved way beyond their limits will always be the true champions.

{The present PBA Conference is not on my to-do list - The UAAP Football, Volleyball and Baseball Tournaments [plus other out-of-town shoots] are on my plate right now - but I'll eventually return to the PBA in due time}

brosi gonzales

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