Friday, March 9, 2012

Poolside Film Portraits [Solo]

Lately, I've been digging through my film archives, and segregating the standouts from the forgettables.  From a couple of hundred analogue prints per box {I have several boxes - w/ [5 x 7]s, [3 x 5]s, plus a small pile of [8 x10] prints} - down to a managable arbitrary number -- Hopefully, "blending in" these old film prints in thematic posts randomly in between my sports entries might add a little variety to this otherwise 100% sports-oriented blog.  Well - Whatever - - - Her goes.

That Arroyo Girl
The, then, young daughter if Marilyn Jacinto and one of the Arroyos
[Actually I forget her first name - hence the title.]

My Neice
Vanessa Gonzales - taken in Marilao, Bulacan

The visiting [from Spain] neice of a school mate of mine [Louie C] from UST.

Like Mother, Like Daughter
A carbon copy of mom, Maricris Cardenas Zobel - 
Bianca Zobel - relaxes at their old house in Ayala Alabang.

Agua Bendita
Andi Eigemann loved to swim when she was a child.
It is not surprising that after a little over a decade, she took on the lead
role in the Teleserye -> Agua Bendita.
[This came out in a glossy mag feature]

brosi gonzales

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