Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend # 1 - Friday - Saturday

The Spanish Ambassador's Shoe
A Few Favorite Photos Of The Spanish Team
Internacional de Madrid

January 6 & 7 - Friday & Saturday

[as always, photos randomly arranged, and low res]

- Ceremonial Kick-Off -
- Saturday, Rizal Stadium -
PFF President Nonong Araneta / Senator Richard  Gordon /
Ambassador Maria Molina of Spain /  a DSWD Official / Mayor Lim

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Notice the Ambassador Molina's right shoe being dislodged.
[the shoe is just right above the ball, overlapping the white line]

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[The shoe is just right above the head 
of the yellow-jerseyed ref in the middle]

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Ambassador Molina herself notices her shoe as it reaches it's highest point.

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- A millisecond or so before the shoe finally falls down -

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- Bravo ! Senator Gordon Approves !! -

Some match photos here:

- Three frame sequence [below] of Spain's First Goal -

- Younghusband's Goal -

- Another good addition to my "Favorite Foursomes" -
Marc Nelson w/ the Poomsae South East Asian Gold Medalists
 from a year or two ago.

--- The Day Before The Match - - -

 - Touchdown at NAIA -

For practically every player in the team
- It's their first ever trip to an Asian country,

They simply have a great time and sing
and cheer all the way to Emerald Avenue.

 Team Owner Mr.Stephen Newman, Rafa Garcia, and Cacho Molina 
share a light moment at the bus on route to the Hotel.

- Upon arrival at Discovery -

 - Some snaps [below] from the Friday evening press meet -

- Saturday morning just before a leisurely walk around the neighborhood -

brosi gonzales

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